Why So Many BMW 740Li’s Today?

I spent the day NOT doing what I was supposed to do (tackling that pesky to-do list).  Instead, I spent the morning going for a run with my friend, C-Licious.  I picked her up and dropped her off so I could see her new appliances. She got a new refrigerator – with an auto ice maker.  Knowing how much I love ice cubes,she had to show me, and I had to see it. Today I drank a tall glass of ice-cold water, compliments of my friend and her new Stainless Steel Sears Elite.

I then showered and went on my 2nd date with MM guy.  He asked me to lunch, I said yes.  We had a lovely lunch, a great time together, it is easy to be with him.  He was born and grew up in Lebanon. He was there during the Lebanese Civil War..  I’m intrigued by him and his history.  I look forward to learning more about Lebanon (my own research) and his stories.

Now, I’m sitting home , catching up on all the seasons of Lost (yes, that’s right, sitting at home in my undies watching TV, attractive isn’t it?)  that I haven’t seen since my separation…  I’m addicted to this new little Roku box. I have so many shows to watch, streamed from Netflix directly to my HDTV..  all for the low low cost of  9.99 a month.  Honestly, I may have to add this little box to my list of addictions.

So, the title of this blog, although I’m having a great day, I can’t help but think of My Mr. Big. He drove a 740 Li, and I saw at least 6 of them today – I couldn’t help but slow down and see if he was in the car (even the parked cars.  I know, such a dork).  As much as I like MM guy and enjoyed lunch, I would have loved to have gone to lunch with my My Mr. Big, come home and taken a nap (we sure enjoyed our naps together, “one of life’s simplest pleasures”), make dinner, watch a movie, and make love (for the parents) have great conversation.

There is/was something about My Mr. Big… the way we were together.  It was just so easy, so natural.  I imagined him enjoying the beautiful day with his kids – swimming, golfing, tennis…  he loves doing outdoor activities with his kids.. and he has this bronze skin that is just to die for. I do wish him well, want the very best for him, but I do still miss him.

So, as I catch up on LOST, I wish he was lying next to me, his head in my lap, my fingers running thru his hair, just enjoying his company.  So alas, another evening alone missing what I can’t have.

Easy Breezy July 4th Weekend.

So I just finished doing all my travel expenses.. gosh, I’ve been procrastinating doing them, now they are done. Feels so good.  My weekend can now begin..

So what’s on my roster this weekend?  A few random things.  With all that I had going on work wise, I just didn’t have time to make many plans.  And the two girlfriends I do most everything with are out-of-town, so I plan to have a quiet weekend to myself attacking my 500+ to-do’s and seeing a few friends.  I’m actually looking forward to it.

Here is just a taste of my 3 day weekend to-do’s:

  • Get a facial (today at 3:30pm .. yeah!!)
  • Unpacking some final boxes (I’m down to the last four, I’ve committed to unpacking two of them)
  • hang the final two blinds in the office
  • pick up a few prescriptions
  • pick up more vodka (here I come BevMo, I love you!)
  • pick up more cat food
  • figure out how to reduce my Astound cable/internet bill (or just switch to Comcast)
  • Sell a few items on craigslist that I no longer need (if they don’t sell, off to goodwill they go, I have a no-clutter zone in my house)
  • mail some stuff to my family

I know.. bet you are all jealous.  In addition to my to-do’s, I have a few other activities with friends planned.

As most of you know, I have taken my profile off all the lam-o dating websites (Match.com back in March, POF in May).  I heard something about a site called MillionaireMatch.com .. and I signed up. I opted for the free version, so I can only reach out to men who reach out to me first.  Doesn’t bother me – every man I’ve reached out to has not worked out (if they even bothered to respond).  I think men need to do the “hunting”, they enjoy the chase, that’s what interests them, so I’ll give that to them.

Anyway, here are the “outside of my house” activities I have planned:  

  • I have a date on Friday.  Happy Hour with a gentleman from MM. I’m looking forward to it.  Seems really nice and works in my industry – at least if there is no connection, we can go on (and on and on and on…) about software and work travel. 
  • I have tentative plans to  have drinks with C-Licious on Saturday.
  • Nothing on Sunday.. maybe I’ll get all my to-do’s done ??
  • BBQ on Monday with my new girlfriend Peter, GFP.  Yes, the only man who I’m friendly with from The Roster. Love this man.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are able to spend some quality time with yourself, your family, and your friends.  Enjoy the 3 day weekend!  I know I will.

I’m Back.

So, I arrived back in CA a week ago with a virus…  I was sick, down and out until Friday.   Thank god I started feeling better, I had a lot of stuff I wanted to accomplish…   I didn’t get most of them done, but hey, I had a great weekend!  The one thing that I crossed off my to-do list was organizing my office – I picked up, assembled, and organized my new bookcase.  Check it out, isnt she gorgeous?  Unpacked a few boxes and sold a few unneeded pieces of furniture on craigslist. 

I also had 2 dates this weekend, both were attractive and interesting, I’m definitely going out with both of them again.  I don’t know how it happened, it just did.  Just residual/leftovers from the dating website (which I suspended a few weeks ago).   Spontaneity at its best I tell ya.

On top of it all (I know, busy busy!!)  I had dinner with my friend Feisty Filly and her hubby Money.  I love these two – so much fun every single time.   The other was a spontaneous evening out – my new man girlfriend (from my roster)..  the clouds disappeared, he called, we went to Half Moon Bay to have Bloody Mary’s and walk the beach.  It was awesome.

But alas, the 3 day weekend has come to a close and its back to work for me.  I have a big work week ahead of me…. BUT I have so much to share… like last night, after dinner with Feisty, I was driving home, and about a block away from my home I see a cat bolt across the street.  I could tell by the body shape (my little shiny sausage) and walk that it was my Sophie!  A block away, darting in front of a moving car.  I stop the car immediately, open the driver’s side door and call out to her… and she came sauntering to the car.. hopped right in.. and I drove her home!  She is so damn funny – it was like calling in a teenager (except she listens).  I wished I had recorded it, it’s a classic “Sophie is really the boss” moment.

O.k. I’ll share more…  try to do a story a night .. and I’ll post when I’m flying to/from my prospect meeting (yes, airlines now have wi-fi!!).