Summary of a Fabulous Long Weekend.

So, I had a lovely lovely weekend. A great mix of time to myself and with friends.  I did get a few things done, not everything on my To-Do list, but hey.. the list was very ambitious.  AND I also went with the flow.. so the weekend played out exactly as it should have.  🙂

I did a few productive and noteworthy things…

  1. Prettied myself up with a facial and a hair cut
  2. Watched WAY too much TV (watching all the past seasons episodes of LOST)… I’m addicted to my Roku Box..
  3. Cleaned out my button box and sewed a few buttons back onto their shirts (with the right colored thread, such a homemaker!)
  4. Ate delicious hotdogs, ribs, and coleslaw at a friends BBQ
  5. Had 2 dates with my Millionaire Match guy (Dinner on Friday, Lunch on Sunday)
  6. Took a couple of naps (one of life’s simplest pleasures)
  7. Went for a couple of runs BUT forgot my FitBit (so there is no proof of my activity)
  8. Went to Trader Joes for some delicious food items (salsa, humus, cottage cheese, frozen berries.. YUM)
  9. Sold 2 sets of drapes..

Re: # 4, I went with my GFP to a BBQ …  it was a lot of fun, I met this really cool woman who I just connected with on LinkedIn. I look forward to talking with her again…  Oh, and did I mention that the food at the party was delicious?!?!?

Re: Item #5, I will definitely be seeing Millionaire Match guy so he needs a nickname.  From now on I will call him Raymond.  He looks and has a voice like the main character in Everybody Loves Raymond, thus the nickname ( I know, so NOT creative).   Raymond is Lebanese, interesting, fun, engaging, has his own set of close friends, has a demanding job, has a good sense of humor…   He is definitely into me, and I’m intrigued by him.. so there will be more dates with Raymond. 

Now I’m back to work… updating power points and creating new demo documentation… wooo hooo. But, my manager is on vacation, so it’s a quiet week… I should be able to complete everything by the end of the week!

Easy Breezy July 4th Weekend.

So I just finished doing all my travel expenses.. gosh, I’ve been procrastinating doing them, now they are done. Feels so good.  My weekend can now begin..

So what’s on my roster this weekend?  A few random things.  With all that I had going on work wise, I just didn’t have time to make many plans.  And the two girlfriends I do most everything with are out-of-town, so I plan to have a quiet weekend to myself attacking my 500+ to-do’s and seeing a few friends.  I’m actually looking forward to it.

Here is just a taste of my 3 day weekend to-do’s:

  • Get a facial (today at 3:30pm .. yeah!!)
  • Unpacking some final boxes (I’m down to the last four, I’ve committed to unpacking two of them)
  • hang the final two blinds in the office
  • pick up a few prescriptions
  • pick up more vodka (here I come BevMo, I love you!)
  • pick up more cat food
  • figure out how to reduce my Astound cable/internet bill (or just switch to Comcast)
  • Sell a few items on craigslist that I no longer need (if they don’t sell, off to goodwill they go, I have a no-clutter zone in my house)
  • mail some stuff to my family

I know.. bet you are all jealous.  In addition to my to-do’s, I have a few other activities with friends planned.

As most of you know, I have taken my profile off all the lam-o dating websites ( back in March, POF in May).  I heard something about a site called .. and I signed up. I opted for the free version, so I can only reach out to men who reach out to me first.  Doesn’t bother me – every man I’ve reached out to has not worked out (if they even bothered to respond).  I think men need to do the “hunting”, they enjoy the chase, that’s what interests them, so I’ll give that to them.

Anyway, here are the “outside of my house” activities I have planned:  

  • I have a date on Friday.  Happy Hour with a gentleman from MM. I’m looking forward to it.  Seems really nice and works in my industry – at least if there is no connection, we can go on (and on and on and on…) about software and work travel. 
  • I have tentative plans to  have drinks with C-Licious on Saturday.
  • Nothing on Sunday.. maybe I’ll get all my to-do’s done ??
  • BBQ on Monday with my new girlfriend Peter, GFP.  Yes, the only man who I’m friendly with from The Roster. Love this man.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are able to spend some quality time with yourself, your family, and your friends.  Enjoy the 3 day weekend!  I know I will.