RIP: The Roster (2009-2011)

This page is all about the men that I’ve dated since my separation (9/2008) and divorce (3/2009) .

Most of the men on the roster have made it past the 3rd date.

Regarding my dating style, I like to give any man who has made the effort to introduce themselves at least 2 dates.. A first date is usually a quick meeting to see if there is any interest on either side.. a second date to get to know the person better.  I do not go past the 2nd date if there is no interest, some common connection.  These men will not show up on the Roster – the Roster is for men that there is genuine interest and connection.

You can assume that I have not slept with these men UNLESS I state otherwise.  The point of the roster is to get to know men without sleeping with them.  I’ve gone out with guys for months and not slept with them.  My good friend Money tells me that most men expect something by the 3rd date, and if they get nothing by the 5th date.. well, they will disappear.  Quality women are worth waiting for.. I’m a quality lady.

New men will be added to the top of the list…   the guys in green are currently on the roster.. red ones I’m done with.  😉

Mr. Showtime.  11/2011.  Had a great time with this guy.  Came into my life from O.k. Cupid…. he found me, courted me, we definitely connected, and then he just stopped communicating.  You can read all about it in these blog entries.  I would still like to be dating him, so he has fallen off the roster by his choosing.  Makes me sad to lose this one, but it is probably a blessing in disguise.

MM Guy.  11/2011.  We both have been busy but have managed to see each other a few more times. I am planning on seeing him next weekend. It will be good to catch up – he just started a new job so I’m interested to hear how it is going.

9/2011 update. Went out a couple of more times. Have had a great time.  I accidentally slept with him (I had no intention, but I was attracted by his interest and attraction to me that I gave in….  )..  He is now out of town for a few weeks on business, will call me when he returns.

Guy I met on millionaire match.  Great guy, we’ve gone out 3x now, we have a lot of fun together. There is definitely sexual chemistry. He definitely tried to get some on the 2nd and 3rd date (bless his heart),  but I put a stop to it… I want to take it slow.  Anyway, he is in France with friends on vacation. He said he will call when he returns, which is in two weeks.

RIP MM guy 10/2011 – he called, we got together one more time. He brought me some perfume…   It was great hearing about his trip, but he got really aggressive and I do not appreciate that.   See you later alligator. 

Middle Seat Airplane guy – 11/2011 Update.  We were able to almost sync up a couple of times.  The first time it was my bad – I thought we had a date, but then I didn’t hear from him so I made other plans (with my girlfriends of course!!).  He responded pretty late, and I told him “you snooze you lose”. He didn’t find it particularly funny.  I apologized….  when he came out to SF again, I agreed to meet with him in the morning.  Well, he changed it to late morning, then late afternoon..  I was available all morning and he changed the time.  I couldn’t accomodate (I had a date with Mr. Showtime), and he got mad. Said he was a CEO of a company and meeting up with someone just shouldn’t be this difficult.  I was shocked – the reason that we had to make a plan for the date/time we did is because I had some unexpected work travel come up…  and if he of all people couldn’t understand the need for a partner with flexibility, well, he is not for me.   So, Mr. Middle Seat Airplane guy is no longer on my roster.  He is cute and smart, but not so cute and smart to put up with that kind of attitude.

8/2011 Update.  We called and texted.. we were supposed to meet over a weekend and were unable to due to me changing the date/times…  I emailed him with an apology, he hasn’t responded.  I plan to email/text him one more time when I’m in Boston… If I doesn’t respond, I’ll take that as  a “not interested”..

Gorgeous black man who I met on an airplane and have had a couple of dates with.  He is bi-coastal, has apartments in SF and Boston, so I’m hoping to see him CA sometime soon. Did I mention that he is really smart?

NY in CA Executive Chef.  11/2011 Update.  Chef has continuted to call and email.. he is very interested.  I just haven’t had the time and energy to reach out to him in a reasonable time.  I will be sending him an email soon, maybe this weekend, letting him know that its just not working.

9/2011 Update.  I met him for lunch in SF .. he was smitten and now calls me everyday. He wants to get together over the Labor Day Weekend… not sure I have the energy or interst in doing this.

Met online.  We have spoken on the phone at least a dozen times, have yet to meet.  He is originally from New York and now lives in Calistoga (gorgeous Northern CA wine country).  Because we live so far apart, his work schedule, and my travel schedule, its been a challenge to get together.  We do plan on meeting up in SF in a few weeks, when his schedule dies down a bit..

Cute guy I liked but he didn’t like me.  Seemed like there was a connection…

Chicken Legs – Met on Plenty of Fish website.  Great guy, dated for a couple of months, but we just aren’t meant for each other. He wanted a girl to be all about him, I have far too much going on to give him this.  We parted as friends, but I’ve not heard from him since…

GFP – Girlfriend Peter.   We met at a restaurant/bar in January and we’ve been friends ever since.  No sexual chemistry between us so we are just friends.  I love having Peter in my life – we have so much fun together.

Mr. TexasMet online, Plenty of Fish.  the guy I went on 2 dates with and had plans for a 3rd date….. thought we had a connection, but alas I was wrong.  Creeped me out about online dating…

Dear Paula Letter Writer. Met thru friends.  I had a great couple of months with this guy.  Something happened while I was out of town working for a month and something went awry.  He broke up with me via email.  I knew he had a lot on his plate to deal with, but I thought our time together was an escape for him …. Other than The Letter, I didn’t get much more information from him about why… He too disappeared, chose to cut all contact.   You can read all about it here:

My Mr. Big – RIP – the man I still carry a torch for. This man taught me about love, acceptance, and the good that can be found in a relationship.  He stopped calling early this year (April 2011).. no reason as to why, just disappeared.  I miss him dearly. I would love to know why he cut off all contact, and thus our friendship… for now my mind just wonders…   Here are links to my blog entries about him and us.

And thats it folks…

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