Do You Have a Clever Halloween Costume Idea?

Hello folks!  So Halloween will be day 3 at my new company AND it is Halloween. Apparently this new company of mine LOOOVVVVEEEESSSS Halloween.

I do NOT have a costume, so I need to come up with something clever.  I absolutely LOVE the Holloween costume tips GG suggests in her post, I may just go with static cling as its easy… I love white trash but I can’t bring that into the work environment.

I’d love to  hear what other ideas are out there for a random costume that doesn’t require a costume and is clever…  please post in comments.

Bring ’em on people, I need ideas!

UPDATE #1:  Here are a few easy ideas from your closet that I found while surfing for safe, workplace costumes:

  1. Cowboy (boots, jeans, bandana, belt buckle or cowboy hat)
  2. Doctor or nurse (scrubs, stethoscope)
  3. ’80s Fabulous (leggings, oversized sweatshirt, teased hair and gold accessories)
  4. Modern witch (black dress, witch hat)
  5. Grunge rocker (concert T-shirt, jeans, flannel overshirt)
  6. Tourist (socks with sandals, panama hat, camera)
  7. Greaser (white T-shirt, rolled jeans, slicked-back hair)
  8. Lumberjack (flannel shirt, jeans, boots, beanie or cap)
  9. Athlete (gym shorts, sneakers, sweatbands, jerseys)
  10. Nerd (high water pants, taped glasses, calculator, drawn-on freckles)



Not Home. No Candy.

This is the sign I hung on my door this evening.  Yep, the fun hater in the neighborhood is me.  Never thought it would be – I love Halloween….  but today, this week, this year, not me. 

Mr. Showtime and I had planned a simple party, a Napoleon Dynamite character party, where I would be LaFawnDah and he would be my Kip.   Obviously that didn’t happen.  When will I get to be LaFawnDuh??? 

I just had dinner with GFP, and I have had enough to drink to say things I probably shouldn’t… but here goes:

  • Love GFP…  because his friendship means the world to me, and there are no strings attached. I love that he is in my life… and he wouldn’t be if he was as black and white as Mr. Showtime and Dear Paula Letter Writer  were about relationships.   
  • I make the best Pomegranate Martini’s … so delicious they are dangerous.
  • Breaking Bad is the best series EVER. I just finished Season 3 on Netflix… Bummer for me.  Season 4 just finished but Hulu doesn’t have  rights to run it (along with a bunch of other shows).  I’m getting close to discontinuing my relationship with Hulu.
  • My parents are coming to visit this weekend… I’m planning a Meet the Parents night…  more deets coming.
  • Unicorns is gone.  Once again she has galloped out of my life, into her own…   she will be living in Boston soon. I can’t wait to visit. 🙂

In general, I spent the day/the last few days feeling down (Katie’s departure, The end of my time with Mr. Showtime). Its been hard to get up these last few mornings… not too hard to pick up a glass of XXX (goose, wine, etc)…   I need to snap out of it quickly….  The upcoming holidays surely don’t help.  I’ll figure something out…

Oh, I also have decided to start focusing on my New Years Resolutions.  I take them very seriously, and I need something to focus on right now…  work has been good but very frustrating, and my love life.. well.. hasn’t been that great.

O.k.. so I’m done with my public pity party.  Halloween has come and gone… I didn’t pass out OR eat any candy today……  Makes this a good day in my book.