Do You Have a Clever Halloween Costume Idea?

Hello folks!  So Halloween will be day 3 at my new company AND it is Halloween. Apparently this new company of mine LOOOVVVVEEEESSSS Halloween.

I do NOT have a costume, so I need to come up with something clever.  I absolutely LOVE the Holloween costume tips GG suggests in her post, I may just go with static cling as its easy… I love white trash but I can’t bring that into the work environment.

I’d love to  hear what other ideas are out there for a random costume that doesn’t require a costume and is clever…  please post in comments.

Bring ’em on people, I need ideas!

UPDATE #1:  Here are a few easy ideas from your closet that I found while surfing for safe, workplace costumes:

  1. Cowboy (boots, jeans, bandana, belt buckle or cowboy hat)
  2. Doctor or nurse (scrubs, stethoscope)
  3. ’80s Fabulous (leggings, oversized sweatshirt, teased hair and gold accessories)
  4. Modern witch (black dress, witch hat)
  5. Grunge rocker (concert T-shirt, jeans, flannel overshirt)
  6. Tourist (socks with sandals, panama hat, camera)
  7. Greaser (white T-shirt, rolled jeans, slicked-back hair)
  8. Lumberjack (flannel shirt, jeans, boots, beanie or cap)
  9. Athlete (gym shorts, sneakers, sweatbands, jerseys)
  10. Nerd (high water pants, taped glasses, calculator, drawn-on freckles)