Do You Have a Clever Halloween Costume Idea?

Hello folks!  So Halloween will be day 3 at my new company AND it is Halloween. Apparently this new company of mine LOOOVVVVEEEESSSS Halloween.

I do NOT have a costume, so I need to come up with something clever.  I absolutely LOVE the Holloween costume tips GG suggests in her post, I may just go with static cling as its easy… I love white trash but I can’t bring that into the work environment.

I’d love to  hear what other ideas are out there for a random costume that doesn’t require a costume and is clever…  please post in comments.

Bring ’em on people, I need ideas!

UPDATE #1:  Here are a few easy ideas from your closet that I found while surfing for safe, workplace costumes:

  1. Cowboy (boots, jeans, bandana, belt buckle or cowboy hat)
  2. Doctor or nurse (scrubs, stethoscope)
  3. ’80s Fabulous (leggings, oversized sweatshirt, teased hair and gold accessories)
  4. Modern witch (black dress, witch hat)
  5. Grunge rocker (concert T-shirt, jeans, flannel overshirt)
  6. Tourist (socks with sandals, panama hat, camera)
  7. Greaser (white T-shirt, rolled jeans, slicked-back hair)
  8. Lumberjack (flannel shirt, jeans, boots, beanie or cap)
  9. Athlete (gym shorts, sneakers, sweatbands, jerseys)
  10. Nerd (high water pants, taped glasses, calculator, drawn-on freckles)




Workplace Bullying.

Some people just aren’t very nice.  What makes them this way?  Why do they enjoy hurting other people?

I found this link on workplace bullying –

They define workplace bullying as:

“Workplace bullying can be defined as the “repeated, malicious, health-endangering mistreatment of one employee by one or more employees”

This results in significant harm to the mistreated employee:

“Bullying can inflict devastating harm on targeted employees. According to Dr. Gary Namie, severely bullied workers may experience conditions such as clinical depression, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, impaired immune systems, and even symptoms consistent with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many of these individuals are faced with life-altering decisions about whether to stay in or leave a job.”

I have experienced everything listed here.  I gained 10 pounds. I have significant digestive issues – I take 8 pills a day to help me with digestion, regularity, etc.   My doctor has also given me several prescriptions to help me deal with my anxiety and depression, and my last blood test indicated high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which has NEVER been an issue before now.    His recommendation to me was to quit my job – that is was having a negative impact on my health.

I wanted to make things work.  I spent most of the year trying to “turn her around”; have her see the real me (not her version of me), or at the very least just respect me and the work that I do.  I gave up about a month ago – when a another colleague came into town, and she was nice, friendly, and kind to him.  The words “thank-you” actually escaped her lips, to  him of course, when the truth is, he put us 3 days behind schedule.  It was this point that I lost it – I realized, that no matter what I did, how I did it, it was never going to be enough. She has just had it out for me since the beginning for whatever reason. It is the way it is and there is nothing I could possibly do to change her opinion of me.  

These last 10 months have been so difficult, so challenging. I experienced something that I never thought could ever happen to me. I’m not a victim – I’m likable, professional, and easy to work with.  I’m friendly, I’m kind, I’m a team player, I like people, I like to solve problems. It really never ever occurred to me that this would be the end to this professional chapter.

Yes, my management was/is aware of the situation.  I did not contact HR (I believe that HR is there to protect the company, not me), and to be honest, I didn’t have time. I was truly working 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, for many many months.

This is it for me. I’ll write about my vacation and the amazing oppotunities and adventures I have ahead of me.

Letter of Resignation.

I did it today. Resigned from my current job.  It feels good to no longer tolerate a very bad working situation.  It also feels unfinished to me – I would absolutely not be leaving if it weren’t for the actions and behavior of one person.  But for my physical and mental health, for my relationships – with my boyfriend, my friends, I cannot continue forward on my current path.

I looked up the word resignation on the internet…  the definition is ‘relinquishment of responsibility’.  Synonyms include abandonment, giving up, leaving, quitting, surrender, withdrawal…  Harsh words.

My optimistic side tells me to look at the bright side – that I’m taking control of a bad situation, turning a new leaf, making a healthy decision, choosing a different path. My very thoughtful boyfriend ATrain tells me that this bad situation has pushed me into a new opportunity that I might not have otherwise have seen/taken.  Unicorns is proud of and excited for me.

For now, I’m brooding. I’m unsettled, uncomfortable. Maybe it’s just the circumstances.  Maybe it’s the change.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve made some bad professional decisions in the past. Maybe it’s because I’ve had so much change in my life over the last 4 years.  But I’ve never had to leave a job before.  I guess there is a first time for everything.

For those of you interested, here is my resignation letter in its entirety.   Name replaced to protect the guilty.

Please accept this email as official notification of my intent to resign from my position as a Sr. Solution Consultant two weeks from now.  My last day will be Friday, Oct. 26th.  

Over the last two years, I have been inspired by the talent and professionalism of my colleagues and by the power and flexibility of this amazing product.  That has made my decision to leave the company especially difficult.  However, since I began working with Man Hands, I have been in turmoil. 

I have always believed that the surest path to success is for an EA and an SC to work as partners, to collaborate on account strategy and to communicate transparently with each other.  Unfortunately, Man Hands does not share this point of view.  She has been consistently mistrustful of me without cause, has withheld information from me that is critical to my success and to our company’s success at Cisco, and has attempted to tarnish my reputation with colleagues.  And despite the fact that I have gone well beyond the call of duty, logging 12-15 hour days and consistently working weekends for the last six months, her attitude towards me remains unchanged.  Working under such stressful conditions has become mentally and physically debilitating and for that reason, I must resign.

Resigning for these reasons is extremely disconcerting, but, given the circumstances, I don’t feel I have much choice. Senior management does not seem troubled by Man Hands abusive behavior toward me,  therefore, I doubt that any change is imminent.  I have really enjoyed working with you, our team, and the SE organization.  I am passionate about the technology and have really enjoyed being on the forefront of building strong relationships with companies like XXX and XXXX.  And I want to thank you for being a wonderful manager. I appreciate more than you know your support during some of the most difficult times I’ve had professionally.  I know you did everything you could to improve my working conditions and I appreciate that.  I sincerely hope that my resignation does not reflect adversely upon you in any way.

Please let me know if I can provide any assistance with the transition. I would be glad to provide whatever support I can during my remaining time with the company.

And with this letter, I have officially resigned.  I feel good about letting them know why, but I know it still doesn’t change anything. It is what it is.

Strange Experience.

Hello peeps.  I’m on vacation – touring Maine with my best friend Unicorns.  We got in the car on Monday with her dog, Spotted Sausage and haven’t stopped since. We have seen some amazing things (below) and talked with fellow travelers all over te world. 

  •  Unicorn’s Uncle Ray (whos amazing and so much fun)
  • some of New Hampshire’s most beautiful natural resources, the White Mountains
  • Maine’s incredible Coastline

We are in Maine now, looking to enjoy a bit of R&R – reading, relaxing, catching up on personal tasks as its raining and cold here.  However, tonight had a very strange outcome.

Unicorns and I had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant called Red Sky in Southwest Harbor, ME.  We had Maine shrimp, crab, and lobster.. YUM!

We are staying at this B&B and are sharing a two room and two bath cottage with another person – we are on one side of the cottage, this person is on the other. We share a living room and kitchen area.  We have our own bathroom so we are good.

Anyway, Unicorns and I get home from dinner, and Danielle and her girlfriend are in the house. They seemed snuggly so I/we thought they were gay, which there is nothing wrong with that.  But then this guy showed up and Danielle started snuggling with him…  We all watched a movie together.  They seem like they were stoned because their speech was really slow but they didn’t smell of pot.  Unicorns and I think they are just slow (Katie said retarded, I think they are just mentally challenged).

We are watching TV and enjoying a fire together until Danielle pushes a glass of wine off the left table, splattering wine and glass everywhere. Danielle and Gordon go to clean it up and somehow manage to move the couch over enough to knock over the right table and dump another glass of wine, break a wine glass and a lamp.  Unicorns and I just sat there and watched.

The entire evening “at home” felt so surreal, like we are in a twilight zone…  we were looking forward to hanging out and doing nothing, but that is obviously not going to happen if we stay here.  Tomorrow we will be looking for new accommodations.  I am very interested in the excuse we make up when we check out a day early….