Strange Experience.

Hello peeps.  I’m on vacation – touring Maine with my best friend Unicorns.  We got in the car on Monday with her dog, Spotted Sausage and haven’t stopped since. We have seen some amazing things (below) and talked with fellow travelers all over te world. 

  •  Unicorn’s Uncle Ray (whos amazing and so much fun)
  • some of New Hampshire’s most beautiful natural resources, the White Mountains
  • Maine’s incredible Coastline

We are in Maine now, looking to enjoy a bit of R&R – reading, relaxing, catching up on personal tasks as its raining and cold here.  However, tonight had a very strange outcome.

Unicorns and I had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant called Red Sky in Southwest Harbor, ME.  We had Maine shrimp, crab, and lobster.. YUM!

We are staying at this B&B and are sharing a two room and two bath cottage with another person – we are on one side of the cottage, this person is on the other. We share a living room and kitchen area.  We have our own bathroom so we are good.

Anyway, Unicorns and I get home from dinner, and Danielle and her girlfriend are in the house. They seemed snuggly so I/we thought they were gay, which there is nothing wrong with that.  But then this guy showed up and Danielle started snuggling with him…  We all watched a movie together.  They seem like they were stoned because their speech was really slow but they didn’t smell of pot.  Unicorns and I think they are just slow (Katie said retarded, I think they are just mentally challenged).

We are watching TV and enjoying a fire together until Danielle pushes a glass of wine off the left table, splattering wine and glass everywhere. Danielle and Gordon go to clean it up and somehow manage to move the couch over enough to knock over the right table and dump another glass of wine, break a wine glass and a lamp.  Unicorns and I just sat there and watched.

The entire evening “at home” felt so surreal, like we are in a twilight zone…  we were looking forward to hanging out and doing nothing, but that is obviously not going to happen if we stay here.  Tomorrow we will be looking for new accommodations.  I am very interested in the excuse we make up when we check out a day early….