Hooping Queen.

I had dinner with girlfriends this evening.  Some of my favorite girls nights are with the A-Team (mother and daughter pair).  Love these people.

Anyway, A1 is one of my best friends,  A2, her daughter,  who just turned 6, is so much fun.  I did not have the opportunity to go to her birthday party (darth vader theme, is she cool or what?!?), but I did have the opportunity to give her an unwrapped gift – a hoola hoop.  I had recently given one of these gems to another little friend of mine, it was so much fun, I had to get another one. I’m glad I did.

A2 is apparently a hoola hoop queen. Her mother did not know, but we both learned today, with much delight, that the kids are hooping.   I have to tell you, there is so much joy in watching a little kid hoola hoop their little heart out.  This got me thinking about Hoola Hooping…..  and here is what I found on the www:

  • Hoola is actually spelled Hula.  I have been alive for 39 years, known about the hula hoop for 30+ years, and never thought it was spelled any other way than hoola.  Crazy.  For history on the Hula Hoop, check out wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hula_hoop.
  • There is an entire subculture of people dedicated to hooping. You can join one of the many communities here: http://www.hooping.org/ .  Join and find hooping friends in your area …
  • Forget Hooters girls, how ’bout a Hoola Girl??  Check this out:

I am going this weekend to get myself a hula hoop and start hooping! Great exersize that puts a smile on your face AND gives you a great body?!?    Sign me up!!!!

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