Lazy Days Of Summer.

Zoey Napping

Sophie In Her Catstand

I love the summertime. I love the weather, I love the clothing, I love going out, staying out with friends. 

Today was an extra warm day for those of us in California.  Certainly not “hot” by South and East Coast standards, but hot for those of us whose blood has thinned because we don’t experience extreme temperature differences here near the coast in beautiful CA.

Anyway, the cats have been lying around all day… lethargic.  Here are a few pictures I snapped of them living it up here in Sunny CA!  And even though I’m being just as lazy, I did not take a pic of me…

Hooping Queen.

I had dinner with girlfriends this evening.  Some of my favorite girls nights are with the A-Team (mother and daughter pair).  Love these people.

Anyway, A1 is one of my best friends,  A2, her daughter,  who just turned 6, is so much fun.  I did not have the opportunity to go to her birthday party (darth vader theme, is she cool or what?!?), but I did have the opportunity to give her an unwrapped gift – a hoola hoop.  I had recently given one of these gems to another little friend of mine, it was so much fun, I had to get another one. I’m glad I did.

A2 is apparently a hoola hoop queen. Her mother did not know, but we both learned today, with much delight, that the kids are hooping.   I have to tell you, there is so much joy in watching a little kid hoola hoop their little heart out.  This got me thinking about Hoola Hooping…..  and here is what I found on the www:

  • Hoola is actually spelled Hula.  I have been alive for 39 years, known about the hula hoop for 30+ years, and never thought it was spelled any other way than hoola.  Crazy.  For history on the Hula Hoop, check out wikipedia –
  • There is an entire subculture of people dedicated to hooping. You can join one of the many communities here: .  Join and find hooping friends in your area …
  • Forget Hooters girls, how ’bout a Hoola Girl??  Check this out:

I am going this weekend to get myself a hula hoop and start hooping! Great exersize that puts a smile on your face AND gives you a great body?!?    Sign me up!!!!