I Scream for Ice Cream.

Yum yum… nothing is better in the summer time than a cup o’ ice cream.  I dont usually keep it in the house because, of course, I’ll eat it.  This is contradictory to my weight loss goals, so thus, no ice cream in the house.

However,  I did buy some ice cream, just had a scoop (small one!) .. and it was delicious.   Ice cream is so good, one of life’s simple pleasures.  I’d love to have an ice cream maker and make it myself. I hear its easy and SO MUCH FUN.

My childhood favorite was Mint ‘n Chip from Baskin Robbins.  My “new” favorite is Jamoca Almond Fudge, new being 10 years now….  If I have to buy it in the store, I prefer vanilla or cookies ‘n cream…  

Ok, I have to go to bed, I’m exhausted. Work has been too much for me lately…. I need a vacation…. or maybe a bit more ice cream.  😉

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