Random Great Day – Run, Hula, and Roku.

What a day.. .I did everything I wanted to.  I worked a few hours…  but after all the focus and dedication to the demo, it was nice to concentrate on something that doesn’t require so much brain power.

After working this morning, I went for a run. The weather here in Northern California was amazing – sunny, warm, with a slight breeze.  I went to the Bay and did my 40 minute run alongside the water.. combined it with a bit of cross-training (push-ups and triceps lists)…  I could have gone longer, but it was good to not over exert myself in the heat ….. it was a perfect day  and the perfect amount of exercise (and I’ve got it all on my FitBit).  I’ll write later on how much I love my FitBit. Obsessed with it really. I wear it everywhere, even to cocktail hour

Second, my Roku came and I set it up ALL BY MYSELF!  I am in loooooooooooooovvveeee with this new toy.  It allows me to stream movies and TV shows from Netflix..  I’ve already got 30 movies/shows in my “Instant Queue”.. I’m so excited.  I no longer have to wait for my DVD’s.. So, not only can I watch movies/shows from the comfort of my living room, I can watch from the road on my laptop and potentially my cell phone.  God… I’m never going to be “out of the know” on recent shows.

Lastly, I had some hula-hooping fun with my friend’s daughter, Hooping Queen.  We hula-hooped for an hour, then went to dinner..our favorite place with lots of beans (we are both bean girls).  She is such a cutie pie (turns 7 next week!!!).  She taught me a few things, like how to hula hoop from my neck (yes, it definitely hurts). I taught her a thing or two, one being the Cowboy Lasso…  fabulous time.  We made plans for a sleep-over.. should happen sometime this summer.

Honestly, its days like this that make me appreciate my job and what I do…   Every now and again I get one of these “free days”…  and I do not waste a single second of it.  I do the things that are important to me, that recalibrate me..  God I’m so lucky.

So, off to bed I go, with a smile on my face and as happy as can be…  Yay me!

OMG – Local Hooping Lessons Starting In May!

Can you believe my good fortune?!??!?   A friend just alerted me to a beginning hoopers series that is starting in MY TOWN this MAY!!!  OMG, OMG, OOO MMYYYY GODDDDD  I’m SO EXCITED!    Here is the link to all the info – http://www.heartbreakhoopers.com/ – you know that I’ve already emailed them with questions about the sessions… Me and my hoop are going public in May…   watch out Washington Park, here I come!

Can you feel my excitement!?!?!

Hooping Queen.

I had dinner with girlfriends this evening.  Some of my favorite girls nights are with the A-Team (mother and daughter pair).  Love these people.

Anyway, A1 is one of my best friends,  A2, her daughter,  who just turned 6, is so much fun.  I did not have the opportunity to go to her birthday party (darth vader theme, is she cool or what?!?), but I did have the opportunity to give her an unwrapped gift – a hoola hoop.  I had recently given one of these gems to another little friend of mine, it was so much fun, I had to get another one. I’m glad I did.

A2 is apparently a hoola hoop queen. Her mother did not know, but we both learned today, with much delight, that the kids are hooping.   I have to tell you, there is so much joy in watching a little kid hoola hoop their little heart out.  This got me thinking about Hoola Hooping…..  and here is what I found on the www:

  • Hoola is actually spelled Hula.  I have been alive for 39 years, known about the hula hoop for 30+ years, and never thought it was spelled any other way than hoola.  Crazy.  For history on the Hula Hoop, check out wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hula_hoop.
  • There is an entire subculture of people dedicated to hooping. You can join one of the many communities here: http://www.hooping.org/ .  Join and find hooping friends in your area …
  • Forget Hooters girls, how ’bout a Hoola Girl??  Check this out:

I am going this weekend to get myself a hula hoop and start hooping! Great exersize that puts a smile on your face AND gives you a great body?!?    Sign me up!!!!