OMG..  what a day. I’ve not only done what I’ve never done before, I’ve done it with someone I never thought I would do it with!!

I know, what kind of story do I have to share??!?!  Interested??!!?  Me too.   Learning something new about myself every day.

So, today was a travel day.  I had to travel back East for work …  it takes a while to travel from the West Coast to the East Coast..   I flew JetBlue (SO disappointed that they didn’t have wifi this time).. anyway, I sat down, did my normal thing… yada yada.  There was a seat change right before the flight took off.  A good looking black man got stuck in the middle seat.  Oh well, my thought was he isn’t fat so the trip will be just fine. 

We started chatting, he was really interesting.  We talked almost the whole tim (this is a 5 hour 30 minute flight)….. and he invited me to dinner when we landed.  Now I would NEVER normally do this, but I felt safe AND I have to say, finding a place to eat in Boston after 11pm has proven to be a very big challenge.  So, he knew of a place that was open, we went to dinner, shared a bottle of wine, had fantastic conversation… He then dropped me off at my hotel and guess what?  He invited me to dinner AGAIN on Tuesday.  I have a date in Boston.. my first one! 

So, first, lets take a look at this – this man is 38 (not the 50-55 range that I like), he is black (never even gone there, don’t know anything about this)…  and is really smart in a scientifc way ( he is a multiple degreed scientist who owns his own company that does something with artificial intelligence around genetics (biotech)).. 

O.k. so not the type I spend my time looking for, but honestly, I was intriqued by him – so interesting (so young… ) but I was so comfortable being my oh so charming fun self.  I shared a few personal things, like my addicton to chapstick, ice, and the Amalfi Coast .  None of these things scared him off…  Yes, I’ll let him know of the other things on the “list” in due time..   😉

Crazy day.. Had to share it with my readers…  Beats the last entry by a long shot!!!

It’s a shocker for me…   Letting go, meeting people, and stepping and letting life take me somewhere new and intersting…  Ahhh….. so good.

3 thoughts on “Serendipity.

  1. Grey Goose, Dirty June 20, 2011 / 3:16 pm

    Yey Paula. Go out with him and have fun! You meet great people in the most random places (like the middle seat on a airplane) 😉


  2. Hereld Spain June 20, 2011 / 12:35 pm

    Hay Paula,

    since I have started reading your thoughts I have become rather protective of you. That aside, enjoy what Mr. Biotec has to offer in moderation. After all he is a “Stranger on a plain”.

    The differnt race thing is only an issue if you dig deep and invest deeply. Cultural differences are just what they say differences not walls. Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

    As to your choice of coasts, I might suggest the Andoletian Cost on the southen side of Spain. A most magical place where on can walk along the hills overlooking the sea from Europe, look to out and see the Atles mountains of Moracco.

    Be well H. s.


  3. Unicorn June 20, 2011 / 11:02 am

    Yeah! A fun adventure and someone who piques your interest. You know I met one of the loves of my life on a plane. Something about the altitude makes it conducive to letting down your guard and opening up to perfect strangers. Keep us posted! Can’t wait to hear how the next date goes!


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