Serendipity – Take 2.

So, what a busy day.  Work has been brutal – a lot of thinking required.  My team and I busted thru the demo build to-do list, and I think we are in a good position.    The week seems long, only because its been a very productive week.

I went out with Middle Seat Airplane Guy last night.  Yes, some men who ask women out on a Tuesday actually follow thru on their suggestions.  He was sweet, kind, charming, and fun!  Another great date for me.  I did go back to his house with him – which is usually a no-no, but I did a bit of internet sluething prior to our date and found out that he is well known in the community as well as the industry he works in.  Therefore, I felt it was a safe bet.  It was interesting to see where and how he lived.  

We did make out a  little…  just  a tiny bit…   I didn’t want it to go too far, as I hear once you go black, you never go back.  😉   I know, so bad.  Anyway, If I’ve learned anything over these last few months, its that men love the chase…   and I like to be admired/desired, so honestly, nothing too heavy happened. It was perfect.  We both wanted more, but were respectful of each others boundaries.   We are going to be in Atlanta at the same time early next week…. we may see each other then, otherwise, I will see him when I’m back in the Bay Area and when he returns from his travels.

I’m excited about it because he intriques me (yes, intellectually and physically)…and I know I am attractive and interesting to him (I could feel it.. huba huba)..   All is good…..   BUT… you know there is always a but……one of us is an inexperienced kisser…. I’ve never had anyone complain about my kissing, so I don’t/didn’t think its me… however, you never know.  Have any of you ladies had a guy that leaves his mouth open (no lip movement.. and he has very nice lips) and just use a somewhat stiff tongue to do not much of anything?  If yes, let me know how to kiss such a man….   I made the best of it as I found the man attractive…. but I’ve never run across this before.  So, I welcome any advice on how to kiss a man who leaves his mouth open, has a stiff tongue,  and doesn’t use his lips much (When I opened my eyes while we were kissing the first word that popped into my head was “carp”).. I know. so RUDE.  Your advice is appreciated.

I’m loving the way this week is playing out….  taking it minute by minute and having a blast!!

2 thoughts on “Serendipity – Take 2.

  1. Hereld Spain June 24, 2011 / 6:50 pm

    Wow Paula who knew.

    First being a guy who loves women my comments will be a little differnt than a womans.

    As for your observations about never going back, I have fround from my sisters and female friends that the opposit is more the norm.

    He is a man and no man is perfect. Thank god. Each has plusses and minnusses. Most of us play to our strong suits and shy away from what we are lacking or dont think is important. I am talking in broad strokes.

    The kissing thing. Oh, thats not good. A bad kisser can be a deal breaker. You must be able to kiss or nothing else will happen. One must kiss at the beginning and the end. Thats the way its done most of the time. Special situations excluded (I will leave out examples but I am sure you can think of a few).

    A female friend has the supper hots of Omar Epps (black and very attactive Dr on House). Like crazy hots but said if he sucked at smooching he would need a parachute damb quick before the ground raced up and hit him.

    In middle seat guys case I will give him a break. Nerves, a new person who he is attracted to. Maybe been a very long time since he wished to impress someone. A multitude of reasons.

    A second try will prove if its him or just that day.

    Be well and safe

    H. S.


  2. Grey Goose, Dirty June 23, 2011 / 5:56 pm

    woo hoo, look at you! you little traveling vixen you! 😉 ugh, bad kissers. honestly, I never stay around long enough to ‘teach’, but I would think that he would want to mirror whatever you do, so although it may be awkward at 1st, is it worth a try to go thru your ‘normal’ motions regarding actually using your lips and, gee, I don’t know, tongue the way they should be used and hopefully he’ll follow along?


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