Preparing For A New Adventure.


A week from Monday my life changes – I officially start my new job!  It is a big deal because a) I am temporarily relocating to the Bay Area, and b) I am transitioning into a new role.  I am not looking forward to being back in the Bay Area BUT I am excited about:

  • My manager…  She has many years of experience as a manager and running a global organization.  She knows her shit AND she is cool beans.  I am looking forward to working with someone I can learn from (finally).
  • The industry…. the industry is changing and I will be a part of of the transformation.  My company is kick-ass and I am thrilled to be working with them to change the face of the industry, and becoming an industry expert in the process.
  • the role… I love putting things together.  My new role is all about putting pieces of the puzzle together, for prospects and customers, and seeing a solution come to fruition.  This makes my heart sing.  🙂

Even with all of this positive energy, I am also experiencing melancholy and loss.

I am melancholy about leaving (temporarily) my life here in Utah.  I love it here.  I love being close to AbFab and her family and the Utah community has been kind to me.  Even though I do not know many of my neighbors, I feel looked after and cared for.  People are watching and I like that.  Here are a few examples:

  1. When I am away, people take my trash and recycling out to the curb.
  2. When there is a heavy snowfall, someone snowplows my driveway.  I don’t ask for it, people don’t ask for recognition, they just do it.  I’d love to thank them, but I don’t know who they are.

I know these are small things, but I did not experience this in CA in the last 10 years I was there. Even when I lived in my house..  and when I was a renter… forget about it.  This small acts of kindness make me feel better, and have had a positive influence on me – I feel they make me a more aware, kinder person.  I remember these acts of kindness and it makes me smile and pass it onto others.  All around, moving to Utah has been a very positive experience for me.

The loss is Baby Boy.  Baby Boy is the cat I rescued from AbFab’s family after their tragedy.  I loooooovvvee him so much.  He is my favorite cat – so easy to love, such a sweet, caring, lovebug…  BUT I am overwhelmed with the chaos that will become my regular life… Sophie and Zoey (babies I adopted in 2005/2006) are used to the travel and chaos, Baby Boy is not. Because of this, I made the decision to find Baby Boy the forever home he deserves.   I found a home for him with a wonderful woman and her sidekick, an adorable cat-loving dachshund named Tucker.  Based on the pictures I have received, he loves his new mom…. but he isn’t so fond of Tucker.  Tucker attempts to play with him but Baby Boy will have nothing to do with him.  So sad.  😦   I am in constant communication with his new mom – we will monitor his progress. If he does not acclimate by mid-February, I will take him back.  For now we are crossing our fingers that Baby Boy will learn to love Tucker and all will be good.  Here is a picture of my little angel. He is the best cat in the world.


I am heartbroken about my loss.. He is so lively, so personable, so loving.  I am devastated.  I’ve been crying for 5 days straight now.  I’m crying right now as I write this post.   It feels awful, not natural to not have Baby Boy near me.  A piece of me is missing, my heart is truly broken.  But a new, loving, stable home is what is best for Baby Boy so I have to move on.

So through my tears, I am packing up, organizing my stuff, covering as much of my furniture as possible (remodels are messy), and prepping the cats for the drive/change.  I will be driving to CA with the cats early this week.  Yes there is a lot of weather – wind and snow – I am keeping an eye on the weather and will make the journey when it is the most safe.

I will speak more to the job and the Utah house remodel in the upcoming months.

I’m always looking for feedback – Please share what you have done to better enable yourself for a new life.. or how you have dealt with the loss of a loved one…   I would greatly appreciate any/all feedback, guidance, and words of wisdom.




Observations from the Atlanta Airport.

So, I missed my flight from Atlanta to SF today…. by minutes.   AirTran (an airline I have nothing nice to say about) let me pay an extra $300 for the privilege of taking a later flight.. a much later flight.   My new flight departs at 5pm.. takes me to Milwaukee, where I get on an 8pm EST flight .. and get home at 11pm PST.  Yes, I arrive home exactly 12 hours later than expected, and I get to spend the entire day in the Atlanta airport. 

Here are a few things I’ve observed during the lat 4 hours …

  • Atlanta airport wireless connectivity sucks…. who do I complain to about this?
  • I just saw a woman whip her kid with a belt… I stopped and stared her down.. She didn’t care… neither did anyone else. If you hit a kid in public, lord only knows what she does at home.  Poor kid.
  • So many young men in their army green camouflage uniforms.  God they are so young.. they can’t possibly know the gravity of their decision to serve…  Do people really trust the president to make life and death decisions for them?
  • It is never attractive to wear clothing that has a name printed on the backside.  Honestly, do you really want Juicy or Pink spread across your ass?  If the answer is yes… Why? 
  • Just ate at Wendy’s for the first time in years.. when did I have a choice of chocolate or vanilla for a frosty?  I thought a frosty was just a frosty….  I can’t ever remember having to make that decision before.
  • Why does the Philipino man next to me keep staring at me? He’s actually put on sunglasses… I still feel him staring even though I can no longer confirm it..
  • How do people wear short shorts and tight skirts on airplanes? Aren’t they afraid of catching something? I would be.
  • Why is everyone so fat here? God I hope it isn’t in the water… I’ve been drinking a lot of water..
  • There are also so many flamboyant gay people here.  Not that there is anything wrong with it.. just surprises me.  I thought all the gays were in CA.. kidding people!!  🙂
  • I have 5 hours before my flight … Hope I make it thru security in time.
  • Why do people have so much luggage? What stuff do they really need?  What is it that they can’t live without?
  • I still think I have a lot of alcohol running thru my veins…  I just took another 800 mg ibuprofen to help with the headache (thanks mom!!).
  • I wish there was a place I could go to take a nap.
  • A girl just walked by with a dress so tight I could see her belly button.. not because the dress is see-thru, but because the dress was stretched so tight across her fat belly I could see, very clearly, that she has an innie. So gross.

I need to put together a page about my roster.  Seems appropriate so we can all keep track of the men I’ve dated this year.