Its My Fault You See.

Anyone who knows me knows I can’t leave well enough alone… I’ve got to know,  why did Mr. Showtime fall off the face of the earth?

So, I sent Mr. Showtime an email, a nice one, basically stating that I had enjoyed getting to know him, but I was now clear, based on his actions, that he was not interested in pursuing anything with me, I told him that I would have preferred for him to tell me in person, that I’m just that kind of gal.   I also let him know that I would be sending his things to him and asked that he return my eye pillow.  Wished him well… yada yada.

The good news is he responded.  The bad news is that I’m still in the dark….  here is his response.

 Hi “Paula”,
I will forward your eye pillow of course, and thank for the nice note and for forwarding my things. While we had an amazing time, you made it perfectly clear on several occasions that you don’t do drama, and I have some sudden and serious drama in my life right now, so to spare you the drama I thought it best to walk away. I am sorry if my actions caused you any pain, but I assure you the drama would have been worse.
Please take care of yourself.

 I do appreciate that he responded, and I’m relieved that he is still alive (albeit in a some sort of “serious drama” hell).  I’m not any closer to an answer, but this will just have to do. It’s clear to me he has zero intention of calling me back or reconnecting with me.  

So to answer the question from my original entry – how do people do it?  Here is a good example of how they do it – they just shut down/off and walk away.

And on a side note, unlike Dear Paula Letter Writer’s response, Mr. Showtime’s response seems to be his own (not cut and pasted from other emails, websites, etc.)….

I will have to update my Roster to reflect my time with Mr. Showtime.  As quickly as this unexpected goodness came into my life, it has also ended.

3 thoughts on “Its My Fault You See.

  1. Lost in France November 4, 2011 / 6:50 am

    Sadly it sounds about how my relationship ended with K, who was my first girlfriend after my divorce.
    I did not mean for me to just drop out of her life. But my big drama was my Ex. Despite all the crap I realised that I felt more for her than K.
    I wanted to take a time out to consider this, and before I knew it a few days had passed. K was mad that I had not said anything to her, and there was a strong temptation just to walk away. But in the end I had the conversation. Not sure it made things any better or easier.
    Was it better for her to hear that after several months together, I still had stronger feelings for the Ex than her, or would it had been better for us to drift apart.
    Problem is, however bad the reality, if you do not know you inevitably end up imagining things are worse than that


  2. Herald Spain November 2, 2011 / 12:40 am

    Hello Paula, am glad to hear your sadness is fading. As I have said about the meaning of emotions on a few occasions, often the answer is there is no real answer. If you take Mr. Showtime at his word the drama must be damn awful if he is walking away from a very nice lady (well that’s how you come across in text).

    Be well H.S.


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