My Weekend In Hawaii.

First and foremost, Hawaii is such a beautiful place.  I spent the weekend on Waikiki Beach, in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu…  the town itself feels old and rundown, but the ocean and beaches were just gorgeous. 

So, the man I went with was a gent from the roster, who from now on will be called Chicken Legs.  Chicken Legs is cute, intelligent, kind..etc..  He is a good person and we do have fun together. But I’ve been ambivalent about him since I met him – when I see him we have fun together, when I don’t see him, I don’t think about him.  We’ve gone out over a dozen times… and still the same thing.  Because he is a great guy, I think I was hoping that I would feel something….

That is why I decided to go to Hawaii with him – I thought that it would be a good time for me to “figure it out”.  My girlfriend’s had their opinions:

  • C-Licious advised me not to go – that I was only doing it to see Hawaii.
  • Unicorns said if it was easy, why not? 
  • FreeBird said go..enjoy it.. live life sister!

I agreed with Unicorns and FreeBird – the trip fell together easily, so I thought to myself, “why not?”  So off I went, flew to Hawaii and spent three days experiencing warm weather, sun on my skin, viewing a spectacularly blue ocean and  the most amazing tropical landscape…   My thoughts on Chicken Legs and the other part of the experience below:

  • Test Drive before you Buy.  Never ever ever ever ever ever ever go on a vacation with someone that you have not test-driven (or taken for a “bike ride” as described by my favorite blogger Grey Goose) before hand.  Hard to share a hotel room with someone you don’t want to touch…   I want that feeling like I can’t get enough of someone…  that passion, that hunger, that desire…   I felt nothing for Chicken Legs. Needless to say, spending time in the hotel room was awkward.  Big mistake on my part…. I will never do that again.  
  •  Emotional Baggage is not attractive.  He has way to much (emotional) baggage. He spent way too much time talking about his ex-wife and ex-girlfriends….  All I can say is that I know far too much about his past.  So much for enjoying our time together. There were definitely 4 of us there – Me, Chicken Legs, and the two exes (Ex-wife and ex-girlfriend). 
  • Too Much chatter …  He loves to talk about all of his girlfriends and what a great lover he is… Girlfriend from college, girlfriend before wife, recent ex-girlfried… The question that swirls around in my head is “really? You should definitely go back to them”.  Honestly, if it was so great, why did it end and why are you interested in me?
  • Quit with the I’m sorry’s! Grow a sack … say I’m sorry when you accidentally hurt me by saying something mean (or doing something mean) … don’t say I’m sorry because you are so pussy whipped by your ex’s that everything you do is an apology.  I want to be with an adult.. a confident, mature man.  Not some insecure 14 year old.

I know, I know, I need to add this to my advice column for men.  But to be completely truthful, I think that a man in his 40+’s should have basic stuff like this figured out.  Chicken Legs just turned 48 …

O.k.. so if you don’t think I’m mean enough yet, here are a couple of funny stories:

  • Size DOES Matter. I love a man that has some girth (no, not that kind of girth… maybe… 🙂 )  5’10 to 6′ feels like the right height to me. I love wrapping my arms (and legs) around a big, broad-shouldered, strong man.  Ummmnhhh Hmmmmhh.  Yum.   I don’t want to feel like the “big” person in the relationship – you know, the extra large person hanging out with the skinny minnie.  Well I did, the entire time.  Chicken Legs is 5’8″.. the shortest guy I’ve ever dated.. ever.   When he wrapped his skinny arms around me, he said to me “whats it like for you to be with such a tall guy?”  I was confused for a moment (I wasn’t the one talking about my ex’s), then I realized that he was talking about himself – how did I feel to finally be with a tall guy…  Honestly, it took everything I had to not laugh out loud.  I didn’t say anything because I know what its like to be with a tall guy…and I like it. And he wasn’t it.  So when Chicken Legs asked me the question, I realized I couldn’t answer honestly…   but then I started thinking, what is going thru his head?!?!  Does he think I date short people, like myself (short and stout?) ??   Whatever was in his head he didn’t share, but he seemed to think that he was tall…  I let him keep his illusion.
  • What others think DOESN’T matter.   Chicken Legs cares what others think… much more than I do.  One of the things he said to me this weekend is that he loves to be with me because of the looks I/we get from others.  I asked him what he meant.. he said that guys stare at me all the time.  Ummn Hmmm, yeahh… they don’t.  Nobody cares about what I’m doing, where I’m at, what I look like.  But Chicken Legs thinks that they do, so this is one of the things that make me attractive to him..   Isn’t that great?  The basis for a solid relationship. 🙂
  • Just Be Yourself.. unless you want to be like me.  Yes, we all know I am a drinker, I make no bones about it. Not sloppy drunk, but I do love cocktail hour….   Knowing this about me, Chicken Legs actually said he loves to drink… He is so NOT a drinker. I know for sure that he isn’t a drinker because a) he said so, b) he was ready to pass up cocktail hour one night, and c) On our last evening in Hawaii, we ended up hanging out with the 3 coolest Australian ladies ever!  The ladies and I tied one on together, Chicken Legs, the drinker.. couldn’t keep up.    I only care about this because I think its important to know who you are – and be comfortable with what you and are not.   Don’t say “I’m a drinker, I love to drink” when its obvious you don’t.  Gees.  Be yourself, don’t conform. 
  • White boys really cannot dance, and sometimes, it’s just obscene.  OMG, we (me and the Australian ladies) danced the night away, Chicken Legs joined us for a song or two.  He is, without a doubt, the worst dancer I’ve ever seen. Think of Elaine’s Dance from Seinfeld, mixed with Seinfeld Straight Arm girl (Molly Shannon character from the Summer of George episode). I’m certainly not the greatest dancer, but I do love it…  and I’ve been with a few men that aren’t the greatest dancers, but they have some moves.  My favorite dancer was Fancy Dancer.. a guy I met at a club in a local bar. We were SO IN SYNC with bad dancing to 80’s songs. He took my number but never called me… I even went so far as to seek him out – yes, I found out who he was and reached out to him via email.  He never responded…  Oh well, I go to my grave knowing I tried (and Fancy Dancer is missing out on a real “bike ride” with Paula!)..

 O.k.. so that’s enough about the vacation.  I know, I am going to  have to let Chicken Legs down easy…. words of advise/wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

3 thoughts on “My Weekend In Hawaii.

  1. Harold Spain April 28, 2011 / 1:32 am

    You did mentioned the bisque!

    A test drive or ride is always recomended. Especially when on an Island. At least he did not tell you he is on fire for the lord and is praying for your salivation each night before he dreams about you on the other side of the bed/room.

    The sharing the room thing can be down right painful especailly when one party has a vaguely hidden expection and the other is supressing the taist of bile in thier mouth. I feel for you.

    Aside from seeing one of natures most magical creations (not chicken legs in speedo) I talk about Hawaii. Its beyond words and will be much much better who ever you travel there with next (even if your alone)

    This trip confirms you know what you like and are attracted to. You can now say, at least in private, that you have a “type”. The physical and intelectual is apparnt usually within a date or three. The emotional/heart is far far more complex and has been known not to always be true to form. Still dont ignore what you are drawn to. Emotions are confusing but at the core usually not all wrong.

    Your detailed discriptions of C.L. “short commings” or lack of “deapth” had be crying with laughter. Its an eye openner to some women that men mask thier insecurities or…. by being either a small dog (hanging at your heals) or using you as a mirror for them selves (look at me because I am with you). Neither are much of a turn on I would guess.

    You are right most men can’t dance. I am not a good dancer I will admit it. But have been told by a few partners that I am great and they mean it. A year of Salsa lessons with a former girlfriend and some mutual friends allows me to
    not break any toes and to be the hit of the over 55 crowd at an occasional wedding. Plus an open bar helps for both. I think I am “not bad” and they think so also. Great.

    I so so hate those people who say they a big drinkers and after a small vodka and cranberry they are sprawled accross me on the sofa snorring before I drive them home with all the windows open. Drinking is for lack of a better word a skill or a curse depending on your viewpoint. Just give drinking the respect it deserves. No one is impressed by how much some one can drink.

    You are clearly out of his league!

    Try and be gentile when you lay down your cards. Men break easy and your actions can make those who choose to experiance the “magic” that is C.L., may thank you in a future life.

    I hope you did get some time to just enjoy the island, taking an unusual trip (for you), and learned form the 3 days.

    Sorry for the spelling and being long winded.

    Be well H.S.


  2. Grey Goose, Dirty April 27, 2011 / 1:53 pm

    hahahaha 1st of all, thanks for the shout out! 😉

    2nd of all, way to go on scoring a trip to Hawaii

    3rd of all, er, crap, sorry chicken legs is a weenie

    I loved your breakdown of everything! And glad you at least got to have fun with the Australian ladies!

    I think you need to just tell Chicken Legs, that his bike tires just don’t work for you 😉 I would do the old ‘You’re a great guy, but I just don’t think we’re right for each other’. Then lie, tell him you had an awesome time with him in Hawaii, but when you got back home and really thought about things, there are just too many differences. Which there are. Like he can’t dance and doesn’t drink (fail!). If he pushes you for details, start listing off the things and don’t leave any room for him to think he can ‘fix’ anything.

    Oh, and I don’t think you’re mean at all. Just funny as hell!


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