What Is The Craziest Thing You Have Ever Done?

This is the question I got tonight from a friend…. thoughts swirled thru my head…  things that I’ve dont that I shouldn’t have done, things I’ve done that were “socially unacceptable”…..   So many things I can’t share..   The only reason for this blog is to ask you to think about the craziest thing you’ve done.  And if you are comfortable, please share!!  One of these days I may get the courage to broadcast my indiscretions.

3 thoughts on “What Is The Craziest Thing You Have Ever Done?

  1. kadja1 May 1, 2011 / 10:09 am

    I got mad at a relative who introduced me as her___ Tina who is “always pregnant”. She made the mistake of inviting me to her church’s “Fall Festival”. They said nobody could come dressed like witches, warlocks, vampires, devils, werewolves, etc…

    I decided to get a friend of mine to sew a potato sack dress together, blacked out my 2 front teeth, put on a straw hat with a bridal veil attached, and showed up barefooted. Since I was 7 months pregnant I guess you know what that meant! I was the barefoot-pregnant bride! It gave the ladies something to fume over and I never got invited to another one. That last part was my goal. I didn’t like hanging around this relative much.


    • paulasponderings May 2, 2011 / 6:04 am

      Love it!! Cracks me up. The visual of a 7 month pregnant woman in a potato sack is so clear. You go girl!


  2. Harold Spain April 29, 2011 / 4:26 pm

    Paula you ask a lot with this one. You have laid your faults/mistakes/losses open so I will in return.

    Craziest? Do you mean socially? Sexually/intimately? Or likely to get in arrested or in the hospital?

    I will tell you that I qm a social conformist or rather in the socially conformaty bussiness. So such behavior is way outside the box for me. I did take part in a march to have the rulling govenment in El Salvidor removed. I even chanted as we marched thru the streets and aside from some very starched green uniform latin looking men watching us from a building’s window at the rally,’s end, it was just long, hot and uneventful.

    The government chaged eventually with much loss of life and despite the efforts of a lot of rich white kids from Hollywood.

    In the area of the bedroom I have acted crazy in my life. Still I trace the beginning and eventual self discovery to events when I was in high school.

    In my senior year I had an affair with my french teacher. Who on top of having a possition of responceability was also married. (I crossed the Rubicon with that one).

    I had expressed my feelings to her in latters the summer before my senior year and we had gotten a little hot a heavy with all our clothes on, one evening at her home, while hubby was away on bussiness.

    So on a school sponcered trip to France we decided to act on our desires. The 5000 mile rule was in action I guess. She sat next to me on the 9 hr flight and we explored under the blanket and a couple of stiffeled screams were enjoyed.

    Like all things that are crazy, the build up was better than the act. Still I hoped it would only get better with repatition.

    Though I have no doubt I was the first student she had acted that way I know I was not the last or even the last on that trip. A seriously fucked up woman.

    This expeeiance taught me a number of things yet my behavior after was in some ways worse. I learned that the desparity of age and social experiance will always leave one or both parties at a major dissadvantage. No matter how much explaining is done before. People will get hurt. I could never condone any person of responsibality using thier possition for sexual advantage. It is not only criminal it is socailly wrong.

    After the teacher event I was terrible hurt and chose to be the hurter instead. It taught me that sleeping with married woman was OK if I dont get hurt or caught. I eventually learned the error in such a way of thinking and grew up long before my teacher ever did.

    In the area of acting that is likely to get one arrested, I have thought with the other head. Though I was not the only instigator and I can brag that I was and am married to the same woman.

    Sex in public is ok in soft core porno movies but is foolish to say the least. Yet despite this knowlage my wife and I lost our head and the majority of our clothes in a childs playground, at night, in the inner city. Memorable was the physival pleasure and a speedy escape when apartment windows started being opened and the lights turned on.

    One must live and learn from how we act.



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