Spray Tan, 3 H’s, Cat Chasing Tail….

O.k. so I’m at home, should be sleeping because I have a huge day tomorrow – I’m about to (not that confident about it given that I have not spent the night working) pass my last official work “toll-gate”… My plan is to get up early, practice, and pass…..  I’ll update you on my status tomorrow.

Tonight, my mind is on other things.  Here are the “songs” in the Paula Jukebox, in list form (what else did you expect??):

  • I  just got my first spray tan today a few hours ago.  LOVE IT.  I feel skinnier because all my questionable areas were sprayed with color (doest this automatically make you 10 lbs lighter???) .  Downer is that I can’t go near water for 24 hours… fine by me.  Who needs to wash their face, take a shower??? Certainly not me . And in the name of vanity, I’ll stay away from water as long as it takes to make the color soak into my glowing white (almost blue) skin. If all goes as planned, I’m adicted, and love my warm colored skin…   
  • 3 H’s post.  I’ve thought a lot about it… and the comments I’ve received are intersting.  My favorite, most thought provoking comment is from Harold.  I have been lucky enough to experience the 3 H’s more than once… but the man that continues to capture my heart (head and soul) is not Dear Paula letter writer.  Dear Paula letter writer was an opportunity to feel it.. had a possibility of something…. I have  no idea what this “something” could or would be.   I definitely experienced the 3 H’s with the man before him…. and is the person I miss tremendously.  I’ve promised anonymity to him so he will forever be nameless and faceless… but he was perfectly imperfect to me – exactly what I want.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him…  a day that I wish I could see him, spend time with him.  We just clicked, connected… just naturally had the 3 H’s (no work required to have it all).  I wish he was in a different place so I could experience the 3 H’s with him again (I know, so selfish… all about me)….   But alas, life has its own agenda…he is busy… I don’t get what I want (poor me).
  • Zoey is on fire tonight –  for whatever reason, she is/has been chasing her tail for 30 minutes.  I have no idea what has fired her up .. I’ve not given her any catnip (cocaine, crack, etc)…  she’s just on fire… feels energy.. experiencing life.  It’s so fun to watch. Sophie, on the other hand, has found the highest, safest ground AWAY from Zoey..   

I just realized that I have tears running down my face (yes, thinking of unmentionable 3 H man makes me tear up)…  my spray tan may be ruined!  If it so obvious that I ruined my spray tan I will take a pic and share it with you….   will be interesting..

3 thoughts on “Spray Tan, 3 H’s, Cat Chasing Tail….

  1. Marvin December 12, 2014 / 6:03 am

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  2. Grey Goose, Dirty April 22, 2011 / 12:02 am

    Sweet post Paula. Sorry about 3H 😦 we all have one of those that are hard to let go of, but someone better is out there just waiting for you! (did you buy that load of crap? that was my attempt at being ‘glass is half full’) 😉

    You have to let me know how the spray tan works out – never had one but could always do with a bit of creative shading ……


  3. Harold Spain April 21, 2011 / 6:07 pm

    Paula your words make me swing from laughter to my own tears.

    The spray tan experiance. Leave the cream colored Armani suit at home on apprilcation day and opt for some earth tone.

    Few things are better than a cat of crack. My side still hurts from the image you painted.

    If we have loved we all have the lost H in our ruck sack. Mine drags me down at times and despite every attempt to dump the sack’s content and start a new, I am haunted still by its weight.

    Your thoughts are a gift to me and I am lucky to have stumbeled onto them. It is I who owe you praise.

    Be well and enjoy your golden aurora.


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