Lists, Lists, and More Lists.

So, I just got home from C-Licious’ house…  Had dinner and cocktails.  Another Saturday night with one of my dearest friends.   My friend said these words to me, that she practices “purposeful gratefulness” …   When she said it, it stuck with me….  I can’t get these words out of my head.  She is so right, life, and how we see it, IS a choice. 

So, after eating a bit of dinner (homemade pasta sauce with extra fresh basil and parmasan cheese), and drinking a bit of “house wine”, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to create a page for all my lists… and this page needs to contain links  to my lists:

  • My “Perfectly Imperfect” List – the original list, the list of things about me that will never change and that new friends and potential suitors need to know about.  All my friends already know these things about me – and have helped defined the list. These are the quirky things that make me “perfectly imperfect”.
  • My Grateful List – because I think about it all the time, I’d love to have a running list..  inspired by my dear friend C-Licious.
  • My Bucket List – things I want to do/have done before I kick it.
  • “Shit That Bugs Me” List – a list of things that just bug me – you know, that person standing in the line at the bank and talking on the phone..  the idiot who drives 35 in the fast lane…  we all feel it.. I’m just going to list it.

I know, I know, I’m soooo into lists right now..  I can’t help it.  Have I mentioned that I have OCD?    I should probably add my obsession with lists to My Pefectly Imperfect List. 


One thought on “Lists, Lists, and More Lists.

  1. Harold Spain April 5, 2011 / 1:03 pm

    You do like a list. They help put some order in a chaotic life that most seem to live.

    After reading your Perfectly Imperfect list I seem to like you even more.

    You are right sleep is one of the greatest things ever creatated. I am totally addicted to sleep above all other things. Any place, any lighting condition any surface. Pillow or not, minimal covers if not fully clothed. I have through years and years of conditioning been able to rise very early and push through a long day even when sleep starved but I know I will have to pay the sand man eventually and crash had.

    Being selective about what puts in ones mouth is a charicteristic we should all aspire to.

    Oh my good toilet paper. At my work, for some unknown reason (probaly cost cutting), they have installed the last bach of communest era TP. Number 9 grit sand paper is preferable. People have been driven to having a stash at work so as not to injure there delicate areas.

    Thanks Paula for making me smile and keep those lists comming.

    H. S.


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