Pleasant Surprises.

So, life is full of surprises. A very good surprise happened to me this evening – I got a call from an old friend.  It is simple: someone I really really like, thought about me and took action to give me a call… Not only did it put the biggest smile on my face, my mood lightened, my heart sang (oh yes it did!!). 

I’ve been thinking too much lately, been in a funk if you will (the woe is me type of feeling). Usually when I’m in this kind of mood,  I pacify myself by telling myself (over and over and over again) how lucky I am to: be alive, not be living in Afghanistan, have all my limbs, have an education, money in the bank, etc.. There is a lot to be grateful for is the point, I get it.

But tonight, like I said, I got a surprise call from a friend, a friend that I absolutely adore. Someone who is too modest and tells me all the reasons I shoudn’t adore them, which, of course, makes me adore them all the more. There are very few people in this world that I would drop everything for and/or do anything for…. (after all, I am Paula and IT IS ALL ABOUT ME), this is one of those friends. 

This surprise call happened over an hour ago, and I still cant stop smiling..  which brings me to the topic of this entry: Pleansant Surprises.  Isn’t this what life is really about?

Life goes on, its a matter of fact, it just does (unless, of course, you are dead). You are either living or dead.  But what makes life worth living?  Yes, I know, people will say (you might even say) money, a great house, kids… all trappings of what “life” is supposed to be about, what has been defined as “a successful life”.    But, I do think, after you lose everything you think you wanted you realize that life is made up of experiences… moments in time, which can be good and bad (although I think we all prefer the good)… and when good things happen, even if it is as simple as a phone call from a friend, this is the treasure of life.

I’m not sure what happened to me (although I’m sure my family and friends do!), but its no longer about things.  I am perging things like there is no tomorrow… somewhere in this seperation/divorce mess, I’ve learned to detach myself from the “things” in my life and become not attached, but so appreciative of the small things that bring meaning to my life.

I love my friends, and I love that they not only think of me, but that they take the time to reach out to me… it means a lot.

So, if you have a friend that you think about often but have not talked to in a while, take the time this holiday season to reach out to them.  It means a lot, for the both of you. Could be a renewed connection, an estranged family member,  or someone that had a great impact/influence in your life.  Just do it – take the first step, be the bigger person, and make it happen – reach out and connect with your fellow human being.  And maybe, just maybe, your friend is reading this blog entry, and they give you a call!  If they do, embrace them, cherish their effort, and enjoy the fact that someone out there is thinking about you.

Alright, yes, I will stop drinking the red nectar of the gods and go to bed.  I hope my point has been made and you all get off your duffs and DO SOMETHING.


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