So, it is a Friday night.  Most people are out, enjoying friends, family, cocktails, etc.. I’m home, unpacking what seems like an unending number of boxes…. (I know, very exciting, you dont need to tell me, I’m living it!).


I purchased a display case on (what a bargain!!) to hold my most prized possessions, memorabilia, and books.  I’ve tossed out a lot and have only kept what means the most to me:

  •  books that have impacted me, have caused me to stop and think, and/or moved me to change my behavior. 
  • items that remind me of times I’ve enjoyed with family or friends… pictures, keepsakes, and the like. 


This new cabinet is THE ONLY place I will use to store and display my most prized posessions, and its small – 6ft tall x 3 ft wide x 1 ft deep.  I have deciced to become a minimalist (I do not want to move stuff that doesn’t mean something to me), so I am limiting myself to this space to store all things “Paula”.  


But those of you who know me, that have had the joy of traveling with me, will appreciate this.  I have found, and is now is proudly on display… The ANIRAC Bong. 


Thats right friends, I found the bong that was custom made for me. It is truly one-of-a-kind.  It is a piece of Jamaican beach driftwood that was carved into a 10 inch dolphin by a very high Jamaican local.  The carving, a dolphin with one flipper fin shorter than the other (to be expected given the artists state of mind).   It has a special cavity for the Jamaica Green, and a long ‘pipe’ for inhaling.  The most special thing about it — the artist thought to carve my name into it backwards so that I could see my name when I’m smoking in front of a mirror (because really, dont we all smoke in front of a mirror?)..   It truly is a site to behold… Not only is the item one-of-a-kind, the story of this item and how it came to be is a true classic.   Its gorgeous – in all is imperfectness, its really top-notch.  


So now, in my display case, is my dolphin bong, with ‘ANIRAC’ proudly reflecting back at me.  I can see it clearly… its so charming.  Finding this treasure has made my night and I KNOW that seeing this piece of art is going to lift my mood every time I see it and its reflection in the display cabinet.


Simple needs, simple pleasures… life is grand.


2 thoughts on “ANIRAC.

  1. Twistb b July 31, 2011 / 5:54 am

    I love love love this story.


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