Love At First Feeling.

passionate-loveYou know the feeling.  That moment you lock eyes with someone and that tingling/sensation takes over your entire body?  Have you had this before? The feeling that you know something is going to happen… you just don’t know what.   I have, but only a few times in my life.  Each time it was a doozy.  Wooo weeeh! They have all been worth it.  A few of them I’m still friends with and I love that.  Why?  Because I love their human being’ness.  I love that I still know then, that I really know them. They may not have the same feelings for me, we are not in the same state, but they are good people all around, and they have made my heart and “nether region” sizzle.

I’ve been fortunate to experience this a few times.  It hasn’t happened to me in a while, and I would really like this to happen to me in 2015.  I want to be whisked away – with intelligence, brilliance, humor, sarcasm… God, take me away!  Every man that I’ve met that has made me feel this way has an opportunity for a second change.. my heart is always open to continuing whatever we share together… except the EX.  No Integrity == zero interest.  All others had integrity, were honest as well as lovely, gorgeous, and absolutely perfect for me at the time we met.

O.k. nothing more interesting than that to share.  That “the spark” is so intoxicating, and every time I’ve followed-through on it, I’ve become a better person – better lover, better partner, better me.   Win, win, win.. 🙂

I promise myself this year that if I run across this – an intriguing male that makes my heart skip a beat – I will do something about it.  Why?  Hmmmm, Who knows what I will do?? I don’t know – but this is what will keep me/us on our toes!  I’m ready for something new, for something connected, for something fun, interesting, and different.

Yeahhhh!  Oh, and if you run into Brett Cullen, please tell him about me. I love him!!


Go Dolphins!

Dont even ask me how or where I heard/saw/read this… lord only knows … but I learned that Dolphins where the only other animal, besides humans, that have sex for pleasure (vs. procreation).  Of course, when I heard/saw/read this, my OCD kicked in and I:
a) got a huugggeeee smile on my face,
b) had to research the topic, and
c) immediately thought of the ANIRAC bong. confirms what I heard/saw/read. Article is titled Buried Pleasure (is that classic or what??!?). I love the the description, my favorite line being: “males and females willingly (and regularly) engage in sex even when there is no possibility that offspring will be produced…. “. Wooohoo, go Dolphins!

So, first I find it classic that I heard/saw/read this DURING my stay in Utah, where everyone appears to have a lot of sex because there are a ton of kids. Way to many kids IMO. Hell, going to Wallmart in Utah is like going to a Russian orphanage… the kid to adult ratio is WAY TO HIGH. Kids are like ants in Utah, they are everywhere (and not in a good way)…

Another thought I had was, did the Jamacian artist who created the infamousANIRAC bong create this one-of-a-kind piece for me because he knew, in his very stoned and posssibly inebriated head and heart, that I relate more to the dolphin kind than the Mormon kind?? I will never know, but I would like to think, that on some level, the artist “knew” me… Makes the precious hand-made, one of a kind item on display in my cabinet all that more precious to me….

Its the little things that make life fun and interesting… 😉