Ahhhhh.. Communication!

So I’m so thrilled I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes.  I’ve been assigned my first prospect where I will be the lead … and guess what?  I called the Sales Exec, we spoke for 10 minutes so I could get an update on the prospect and strategize, TOGETHER, on what we would do and how we would like to proceed..  Can you believe it?  Real communication?!?!  I’m so excited; how can I not be successful when I’m working with folks that a) want to be successful, and b) want their teammates to be successful?!?  I’m so verklempt about it.  I know, short post, but I had to share with someone!

Onboarding Almost Complete…

God, its been only a few months since I started my new job, but it does seem like I’ve worked here forever.  I started January 10th, and I’m about to complete my last two tollgates tomorrow – a technical pitch AND a 30 minute “build from scratch” demo. 

yes, two tollgates in one day .. why you ask? Because I cancelled at the very last minute, one of them on Monday. My system just wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do.  I figured it out, but too late…. so tomorrow is doozy of  a day for me.  Should I be studying and practicing right now? Absolutely.  But I just needed a tiny break, so I thought I would write. 

I’m on the verge, the cliff of change if you will, work wise.  I cannot wait to pass and move to the next phase of my professional life…    I will head home, early Friday – 6am flight out of Boston back to SF – with a job well done, a job done, or a job not done.  I’m shooting for the stars – for a job well done, and good solid sleep on the plane, and a celebratory weekend.

Almost there… it feels good to be so close, it will feel even better to be done!!  🙂