I’m Back. Again.

Raccoon_twinsNow I realize I’ve said this before, then disappeared again, but I have made it a New Years resolution to post more.  And by “post more” I mean that my posts won’t be so thought provoking, insightful, humorous, well-formed.  What there will be is more of them – I think its called quantity over quality.. Walmart style.

Anyway, I do need to post all my New Year’s resolutions so you can keep me honest, but I’ve run out of wine – first time in god, 10 years?

My funny comment/post for tonight was this:  I just saw 2 raccoons in the backyard.  I jumped out of my chair, opened the patio door, and yelled screeched at the top of my lungs “eeeeahhhhhoowwww”. Really loud. Four times.  Raccoons ran away. As fast as they could. I heard them scurry up the fence.  They are long gone, but my  cats are still freaked out – not because of the raccoons, they didn’t even see them.  Because of me – everything was fine, they were sleeping.. then their mom spun out of control.  Just made me realize how obnoxious I really am.

So what’s happened since my last post, where I needed a new life?  I’ve done it.  I now have the beginnings of a new life.  In the last 3 months, I no longer live with A-Train, I’ve rented out my awesome house,  and I’ve moved into a tiny 1-bedroom cottage. Why? To get back on track financially and spend some time alone to focus directly on myself and my happiness.  And in searching for the URL’s for above, I came across this post – Who Am I?  It’s hard to fathom that I’ve been lost for almost a year.  Good thing I have this blog to keep me honest. 😉

Anyway, another year of “The Paula” is here.  I’ve used, once again, my New Years resolutions to shift my focus, to change my life.  Every year is a new opportunity to be a better person….  so here I am, working on me again.