Twin Speak.

So I am a twin as most of you know. An identical twin. Being in Utah this weekend reminds me of being a kid.. a youngster not a baby.  But my mom remembers me (us) as babies.  My mom says we were the happiest babies ever. I think it’s because we had each other. Knowing that someone always has your back is a very comforting feeling, lets you cut loose, laugh, and just have fun.

My mom was talking with AbFab about my sister and I, and sent these YouTube links to AbFab…  she said  it “reminds me of your mom and ‘Paula’ in their wonderful younger years”.  I watched the videos, and it does remind me of the special bond  I share with my sister – our own language, our own way of communicating.. it just worked. We always entertained ourselves, each other.. we were always finding fun together, exploring the great outdoors.  Being a twin has been a challenge – Since all I know is that strong connection, I almost expect it in my partnerships. Well, that’s what my EX would say.  I don’t think this is necessary this is the case – I think anyone who wants to be connected with a person, a partner, you want that special connection.  

Twins are fabulous – complex and simple all at the same time.  I love my twin, as different as she is, she is fabulous.   She is the funnier one, I’m more serious…  but it doesn’t matter what we are or what we’ve done, I know she loves me and I love her. It’s a warm blanket I have wrapped around me at all time. 

O.k. enough about us, check out the video’s, they are each about 2 minutes long:

Twin boys in a serious conversation … about what? Who knows. Doesn’t matter, what matters is that they make sense to each other.

 And this one… I actually remember being a kid… My sis and I had so much fun (I don’t remember my parents until I was in my early teens).  Notice how they don’t really know that their parents are around because they are having so much fun with each other. Yup, that was my sister and me.

Last but not least, what its like to be a twin as described by teens.. – things are fun, such as trading places, strong intuition, dressing the same, etc.

O.k. enough twin stuff.  I’m exhausted and heading to bed. I’ll post my UT experience in the next day or two. It was FABULOUS.  I loved seeing my family – next time I want one more day…  just one more day….

One thought on “Twin Speak.

  1. Herald Spain May 7, 2012 / 4:06 pm

    Yes twins are a truelly unique experience that few of us will ever understand. Twins are far more common than years ago. Once seeing twins brought stairs and questions now it seems that every fifth child is a twin. Well maybe at my sons school. I don’t think there was a single twin in my schools until high school for me.

    Siblings are special in many ways but being a twin must be so very different that I can’t really fathom. Thank you for sharing in
    a small way your experianced of twin dome.

    May you and your sister both be well.



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