Just a Quick Update.

I’m alive and happy.  I’ve just showered up after a run with CLicious and now heading out for a motorcycle ride with ATrain.  It’s a gorgeous day here in CA… 

Work has been brutal these last few weeks.  I’ll share more about what is going on – loving your job really has to do with enjoying what you do AND respecting the people around you.  I’m having a tough time with one of my colleagues…  I’ll share more later.

The cats are happy… I’m not home every night anymore (spending time with ATrain at his house, its only fair), but when we are home, they have two laps to sit on, they seem content with this arrangement. 

I’m headed to Utah next week to fix a few things at my condo – its a great condo that is rented out.. a gorgeous, furnished, luxury 2bdr, 2ba condo in the heart of downtown SLC.  I’d love it for myself but its just not possible now… so I’ve got to go fix a few things while the tenant is away.

Ok.. ATrain just showed up with his Harley…  Here I go!!


One thought on “Just a Quick Update.

  1. Herald Spain February 4, 2012 / 11:50 pm

    Wow what a difference a good choice makes in ones life. Yes it is a beautiful day and probably many more to come for you Be careful on the cycle as there are few non injury motorcycle accidents. Hold tight and trust, on the cycle also.

    H. S.


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