Advice for Men and A Few Other Random Things.

A few random topics today.

First, I love  It’s a column/site that gives advice to men, but I read it all the time. I feel like it gives me a glimpse into the male psyche, which I’ve never had (I have no brothers and most men I’ve been with were not communicators).  But I was a bit bored today (building demo documentation .. wooo hooo (not)), so I checked out what had to say…  and low and behold, a fabulous article, written by a man on what women want – The Six Sixes.  It’s about what women want, real women – women that are mature, independent, have careers, that take care of themselves.  In a nutshell, it’s:

  •  a Six-Figure Salary (because we are making them too)
  • Six-Feet Tall (even shorties like me like height on a man)
  • Six-Hundred Horsepower (As much as I love the USA, we don’t manufacture the best cars in America)
  • a Six-Pack (we take care of ourselves, our men should too)
  • at least Six-Months since their last relationship (yes please!)
  • Six-Inches below the belt (need I say more?). 

If men are reading this website, then we can all breathe a sigh of relief…..  if they aren’t, people, for the sake of all single successful women, send them the link!!

I just spent some time with Spicy, and we talked about this exact same topic.  As an established woman, I want to improve my life, which I will do with the Six Sixes, and I will NOT do if too many of these are missing..   If my lifestyle changes, it’s going to be for the better ,not worse (no, I’m not even going to consider a teacher, a plumber, etc…).  I know, get mad at me, do whatever you need to do to get it out, but this lady isn’t going anywhere but up.

Secondly, I received my new pair of shoes today…. I got them at 60% discount and they look fabulous on my feet.  I’m a good 4 inches taller now (going from 5’2″ to 5’6″ feels soooooooooo good)..  Tomorrow is ladies night, anyone want to guess what shoes I’m wearing??  Yep, my new shoes.  Glorious.

Thirdly, my friend FreeBird has helped me revamp my wardrobe.  I have to tell you it’s working.  I’m wearing better fitting clothes, have cleared out all the clothing that doesn’t work for me (is too small, is too big, doesn’t look good), and made room for a few great pieces that can be worn all the time.  I’m telling you, I’ve not had so much attention from men since I grew boobs in high school and performed routines during gymnastics meets.  I still have a few things to do, like be more confident in less conservative items, but I’m doing it. Everyday I’m doing something new…   This is one way that I’m attracting a higher-caliber of man…  Love it. Thank you FreeBird!

So that’s it for now… I do have some thoughts stewing in the ol’ Paula Jukebox…. I’ll be sure to share them once I unscramble the message..

3 thoughts on “Advice for Men and A Few Other Random Things.

  1. only599hp October 7, 2012 / 2:22 am

    anyone that falls for this shit is a complete idiot


  2. Harold Spain July 20, 2011 / 12:54 am

    As I often say when I see or read words from some one who has it going on.

    Beatuty is truth,

    and truth is beauty.

    or another other favorate

    Better a bottle in front of me

    then a frontal labotamy.

    Third and clearly last

    Live every day as if it will be your last

    for one day you are sure to be right.

    you go rock girls night .



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