Tracking My Activities.

So, I’ve got a new goal: drink less and lose weight.  Yep, I know.. I’m doing it again.

I’ve done well with drinking less in general – I no longer drink on airplanes which is HUGE for me…  now I’m used to it, seems weird to have a drink on the plane now.  Didn’t take that long or was it that painful to make this healthy change in my life.  And in general, with work being so busy, I’ve not had as much time to “cut loose” as I used to.

But after Friday, being wildly hung-over I was (and quite possibly legally drunk until noon or so) at the Atlanta Airport, I’ve decided I’ve got to cut back on the booze for a while.   On Friday I decided to not drink at all for a week.. but that changed on Saturday, when GFP came over and had a few glasses of wine, and had a pomegranate martini with C-Licious on Sunday.

Anyway, I thought that while I’m at it, why not ALSO do what my doctor recommended… which was to eat before I run/exercise.  When I went to the doctor to get my IUD inserted, he told me to eat breakfast.. I let him know I don’t usually eat breakfast… and we had a great conversation on how that is not good for me. He said that if I ate a small bit of protein and carbs before I work out, I could lose up to 5 pounds.   I told him I’d do it (it was on my New Years Resolutions this year, and my weight hasn’t budged down or up), he weighed me before I left, and the bet is on!!

So,  my goal is to:

  • take two sobriety nights a week AND
  • eat before I exercise in the morning. 

And I’m going to document all of my activities (time with friends, dates, goals, etc) on my new fancy  Calendar Of Activities.  Its how I was able to achieve so much last year..  keeping track of it via calendar. Keeps me honest.

3 thoughts on “Tracking My Activities.

  1. Harold Spain July 19, 2011 / 1:25 pm

    So your making a list so you can reach a goal and find the propmised land or a place to sit down after running far to long (around the block). Sounds practical and not to problomatic.

    Having reciently (3 month back) embarked on a diet that has had great results for me, 25 lbs for me and 23 lbs, for her. She has a higher goal weight than I and has less oppertunity to work out.

    I have really embarked on three diets in my life. This one called the 17 day diet (or Green Tea Diet), the Scadale Diet and the diet of eat whats in your lunch box because you are goiong to be forced (ordered or yelled at) to run and run and run, between doing hundreds of push ups and sit ups. We shall call that the Academy diet.

    To break them down.

    1. The Scarsdale Diet is an oldy but a goody. To be honest I was more forced into it because my mother was on it for many many years. It is also most famus because the creator was murdered by his girlfriend in one of New York States most famus murder cases.

    2. The Academy diet is not for those with light hearted. I wanted to quit every moment of every day. Pluses I weighed 165 when it was over, could run 5-7 miles every morning and could do 200 sit ups and push ups without even getting winded. Plus I could eat anything and I mean anything and would still loose weight. One problem, your social life, other than cowering in fear from your task masters, is less exciting than that of a munk.

    3. Green tea diet. I was skeptical because I like good and rather fatty food. Plus I have developed a taist for a cocktail or two after I get home. The key and hardest part was no booze for 19 days right off the bat. I ammended it to 19 instead of the 31 days it suggested. I am not off to summit Everest and also knew I would fail. Also few if any grains. No bread or pasta except on special days after you have reached a certain plateau. For me that was hard but I have managed to stay mostly on track. Like all diets it requires mostly not reaching into the fridge to choose your meal but thinking things out at the market and planning a little bit. For me so far so good.

    I think of a diet as a guiedline and if you stray off track your not kicked out of the church but allowed to sit just a few rows back until your back on track.

    I wish you luck with what ever of the hundreds of choices out there.

    Be well and slimmer H.S.


    • paulasponderings July 19, 2011 / 11:05 pm

      Hi Harold.

      Wow… you recent diet has you slim and trim! Good for you. Honestly I don’t think I could go19 days without drinking.. I was back on the wagon a mere 48 hours after my drunkfest on Thursday had started.. Granted, I’m taking things a bit slower these days, yesterday was my first day of sobriety this week.. and with so many activities this week, I might have to make it a one day of sobriety this week, and three days of sobriety next week. 😉


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