I Know Just The Thing To Fix My Somber Mood.

So, I was feeling a bit down today… a bit bummed about Mr. Meat Market Texter…    Honestly, I thought I had read that situation differently.  Oh well.. I have found a way to pick myself right up!

I had a great converstaion with Unicorns this morning.. we talked about anything and everything.  Its been a while since we’ve caught up – it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good to hear her voice and commiserate about how sometimes life just gives you a box of  rocks.  She is the best!  And she is considering coming back to the Bay  Area… so excited just thinking about the potential… all the trouble we will find fun we will have!

I also ran out of Greg Goose Vodka (I know, the shame of it all)….. I only had enough for one Pomegranite Martini last  night.  So just now, I ordered myself the big bottle from BevMo.com.. I go pick it up this afternoon….  I’m giddy with excitement.  Momma is coming to get you Goosy!

And this will help me get out of the house .. finally.   I’ve been at my home, working,  probably in the very same clothes I sit and type this entry in … for what now, 3 days?  Since Sunday evening.  I know…too much time alone in one place, I’m feeling a bit like a shut-in.  I absolutely have to get out of this house before I go completely crazy.  So the errand I will get myself all gussied up for is my BevMo pickup.

I am also going to put on a summer dress and sit outside somewhere and let my skin soak up some of the Bay Area’s finest sunshine…  

O.k.. so to make my day a “dream come true” I have to get out of my cat hair fur lined fleece jacket, get into the shower, and pretty myself up!  Yeah for me!!!

2 thoughts on “I Know Just The Thing To Fix My Somber Mood.

  1. SandySays1 June 8, 2011 / 9:40 pm

    Hmmmmmm, Ya know there’s a way to remedy those funks we all get in from time to time. Just go to the nearest mall and either park in the lot or go inside and sit on a bench. Watch the humans saunter past. Within a short time you’ll realize its good to be you and not 3/4s of the species crawling past. Read the second half of my my post for some laughs and instruction on mall watching. It’s even funnier watching when in the company of a bottle, but I prefer bourbon.


  2. Hereld Spain June 8, 2011 / 8:58 pm

    As a much wiser man than me said long ago. Better a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy.

    Thank god the former is still widely precticed today.

    Ps dont give the sport bar guy the satisfaction, you are much better than that. You have the GOOSE and are not affreid to use it.




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