Waiting For Moms Test Results.

So, a lot of you have asked how my mom is doing….   She had another episode (shooting pain in her shoulder that is so immense she had to lay down…. she was at work).  My dad took her to the doctor and she had an MRI… . we get the results back today.

I’m in Utah now, hanging with her.  She says she is fine, but she’s also taken 2 loratabs (if any of you know pain killers, this is the good stuff)..  I’m not sure there is anything I can do at this point, but just talk with her, get her water, etc… 

I also have a few people to see, mostly AbFab, Mayonaise, and Shanaynay.  I will also be visiting with my other niece, LilDarlin’, and celebrating my fathers birthday…  All good stuff.

One thought on “Waiting For Moms Test Results.

  1. Harold Spain May 21, 2011 / 12:45 am

    Hello Paula,

    waiting for Dr.s to step from behind the big curtain, or the face of the Almighy OZ, is just about the worst thing. I am glad you are with friends (to talk honestly with) and family ( so share thier love and know you are doing ok by comparrison).

    Being one of little faith, I am less skeptical about the medical profession than most things. Trust that they want the best for your mom as much as you do.

    I wish you, your mom and your family all my my best.

    H. S.


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