Nothing And Everything… All In One Post.

O.k.. So I have so much to write about… this post is really about nothing and everything. Let me explain.

First, I completed a very important professional milestone today – I delivered my first software demo to a prospect.  Its a big deal in my world. It wasn’t perfect.. but I did it. The prospect understood and was engaged the entire time…   Most important thing (to me), is that I got over the “delivery to a customer” hump.  My internal champions – my mentor, my manager, and my managers manager are happy with the performance…  There are certainly areas for improvement…always are.  Bt once again, I’ve successfully and supportively jumped a hurdle.  Yes, I’m patting myself on the back.

Secondly, I just spent 3 hours on the phone. I KNOW!!!   I never do this – I hate the phone. I only use it to establish meeting places and times… I much prefer to meet in person.  But tonight, I had the time, I received the phone calls, I took them and actually spent quality time with people I like/love. Not in person mind you, but over the phone.  I loved every minute of it.  Its been years, yes YEARS, since I’ve had a long conversation on the phone.  I get it now….. . maybe.. until you call me and I don’t pick up.  😉

Thirdly, let me explain to you what its like to “work from home”. I realize this sounds so glamorous to the folks that have to get up on a daily basis and go thru a routine – wake up, shower, drop kids off, drive to work, work, return home, make dinner, go to bed… rinse and repeat.  Working from home has its own set of challenges.  Granted, I’m not complaining, I just want to articulate what my life has been like for the last 48 hours so you understand that “working from home” can lead to a very reclusive lifestyle:

  • Saturday:  woke up in pajamas.   Worked all day in pajamas.  Showered at 4pm, cocktail and dinner with friends at 5pm, home by 9pm, in bed by 10pm in same pajamas.
  • Sunday:  woke up in same said pajamas, changed to running clothes for a 12 noon run, worked the rest of the day in my workout gear, rinsed off at 6pm, put said pajamas back on, went to bed at 10pm.
  • Monday:  woke up in same pajamas, started working. Changed to same forementioned workout clothes for a 4pm run, rinced off at 6pm and returned to same Saturday pajamas, worked until 11pm.
  • Tuesday:  woke up in same pajamas.  Worked until 1pm (until the demo was complete).  Took a nap at 1pm…  back to work until 5pm, when I finally SHOWERED and put on real clothing. Went to grocery store, purchased food, ate dinner in real clothing.  Writing post in real clothing.

My point is, that I spent a good 48 hours at home, in THE SAME clothing, no makeup, no physical contact with the outside world other than my dear friend.  This is TOO normal for me.  Honestly, I dont know why I felt like “getting out” this evening, I just did….   and it was to a grocery store and KMart (which I will write about when I’m willing to really let go…)..  I easily could have gone until Wednesday, or even the weekend before seeing another soul, before getting out of the house in T-Shirt and Jeans…    Last year, I literally went weeks without seeing anyone but friends…  this is why my friends encouraged me to sign up for online dating (I know….  we all have words for these “friends” of mine).

O.k.. the picture I posted with this post is totally random.  Its what came up in a search for images on “Nothing and Everything”…

2 thoughts on “Nothing And Everything… All In One Post.

  1. Grey Goose, Dirty March 30, 2011 / 3:43 pm

    Way to go on the presentation!

    I hear you on the working from home aspect. I office out of my house so do have days when the whole shower/get dressed part doesn’t happen until right before bed (and then it’s just back into pjs). The worst part is when I go an entire day without talking to anyone!


  2. Harold Spain March 30, 2011 / 1:12 pm


    pats on the back are well deserved. Getting over the hump of sinning for your supper is a great weight to have taken off your mind/shpulders. A minnie Kings Speach without the stammer and the Gemans in vading Poland.

    Second, Really no telephone!!!???

    Do you have a stammer? (if so forgive me) you just said talked for hours to friends and had a wonderful time. The telephone is one of the greatest things ever ever invented. After the toaster oven and great red wine.

    It allows you to sit in those well used pajamas and invite people over without getting off the sofe. Now a great chat about nothing at all or the seventh lever of higher understanding are one of life simple and almost free pleasures. It also allows one to have as near as actaul personal contact with someonew without fixing your hair.

    Third, yes your PJ’s do get a work out. It appears, based on your description that you have as close to a bobemian artist life style as some one who must occasionally sell products to people can have. Getting out during the working from home time is the key. It seems like you are running a lot so part of that is taken care of the being outside in the sun light part.. You are a socail butterfly as far as I can tell.

    We are all, well almost all of us, on a great wheel. We wake early or late, we wash, well I hope the majority do, we make a living. We eat and we go back to bed. Hopefully we interact with others

    The time we spend while taking our breaks on that wheel are what seperates us from the ponies that pulled the coal in the mines of Whales.

    We all only have one basket.

    To me what you described sound not bad and you seem to have a handle on the danger of turning into a hermit.

    A little fine tuning and it will run like a well whorn and dependable watch.

    Sounds more like Alpha to Omega but in a big loop. Has a semi cosmic wheel sound to it.




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