Flying Standby.

Oh lordy, what a bumpy ride I’ve had these last couple of weeks.

Long in short of it is that I’m flying standby on a flight to SF from Boston.  I flew out to Boston to deliver a demo, my first one for my new company.  It was NOT to a customer(thank god), but to my managers… who gave me great feedback on my demo delivery.  I am growing as a professional, learning from people that I respect and admire.  I’m so lucky… 

 The demo … well, not great.  But I now have room for improvement.  🙂  BUT, in my defense, my computer crashed and I cobbled together a decent demo in 4 days..    I’ve leaned a lot, but I am totally exhausted from the experience.  Its 10pm, my face is washed, I’m in my jammies, and I’m in bed.  I can’t wait to fall asleep.

But tomorrow brings the opportunity to fly home early…  to depart on the 2ish flight vs. the 6ish flight.  I want everyone to cross their fingers and wish me luck – I need to be home and in my bed NOT working on a demo for a few days….If any of you out there have United influence, please help.  Send good wishes my way – I know I’ll need it now that I’ve lost status.

O.k. Short but sweet post – I’ve just swallowed a little white pill and I have 8 hours of uninterupted asleep ahead of me.  Dreammmyyy.

2 thoughts on “Flying Standby.

  1. Katie February 16, 2011 / 8:58 pm

    My fingers and toes are crossed. May the flight gods be with you. I had some good news today – I think things are going to work out the way I want them to. And that good omen will hopefully shed it’s light on you. Happy sleeping, flying, and decontracting at home. Miss you! XOXO


  2. Lovesyou February 16, 2011 / 5:05 am

    Fingers crossed!


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