Making Progress.

 This is a New Years Resolution update as well as a personal progress report.

I’m happy to share that I’ve lost 3 lbs to date. I know its not much, and I dont think you would really notice, but I’m happy the scale is moving in a downward direction. I’ve been able to accomplish this by adding additional workouts into my existing diet and exercise routine. I’ve signed up for a personal trainer for one hour a week (2 30 minute sessions twice a week). The trainer kicks my butt… and its working. I’m working on losing 7 more lbs before my birthday, which is in 1 month. Wish me luck!

I start my new job next week. I’m very excited about it. I think there is a lot of opportunity at my new company, and it feels good to feel so positive and energized about going to work. Given this, I’m chalking this up as the right change at the right time. All goodness.

On the financial front, I’m almost done with my taxes, and am working on getting pre-approved for a mortgage… I may not make the leap into home ownership just yet (I do live in CA, I think the market has not bottomed out), but it is helping me get my financial house in order. I like that.

Lastly, I’ve cut back on the booze. I know, I know, the folks that saw me at my local watering hole on Friday might not agree, but when I’m home alone, I’m not drinking nearly as much. As a matter of fact, I’ve had almost zero to drink since Sunday – which is unusual for me. Yes, I’ve been traveling and staying with family, but the big change for me is that I don’t miss it. Yes, I am looking forward to a glass (or two) of wine tonight with dinner, but I don’t have to have it, which is what I was concerned about (the need vs. the want). I attribute this change in large part to my new years resolution to NOT take a final-final cocktail to bed with me. A small behavioral change that has had a relatively big impact in my life.

So, things are moving forward. Slowly, but with purpose. Captain of my ship…. moving in a new and different direction. That, my friends, is progress in my book.

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