Weight Watchers Is A Scam.

So,  I do feel badly about this.. but thought those of you in my boat would understand (those trying to lose weight and struggling with it).

I go to Weight Watchers every Friday for my weigh in.  I have been completely dedicated to my weight loss – tracking the food I’m eating, working out once, if not 2x a day…  I’m ON IT. The scale – the WW scale – showed I gained weight.

I asked the very nice 60+ year old woman who had the unfortuante responsibly of performing my weigh-in on Friday, how in the world was weight gain possible on her scale, but showed weight loss on all other scales I use (and use regularly I might add).  I had gone to the doctor and was weighed-  a great number.  My home scale showed almost a full pound of loss…   and the WW scale… weight gain.   I went WWF on her (in a calm, but very focused way).  Its so frustrating – how is it possible?  I asked her about the scale…  and how its possible that every scale in my life shows positive results…. EXCEPT WW.

She had no answer…. just stammered on about results are not always what we expect…  I was so mad my friend walked me out of there and talked me off the ledge.  Its been 48 hours since the weigh in, and I have decided to cancel membership.  I’m doing all the right things – and I would prefer to put the cost of my weight watchers membership towards my new gym membership.

So, I’m sure others feel differently – my mom is having tremendous success.  Its all about portion control for her. For me, it’s portion control AND exercise.  I want to be stronger, get healthy.    I’m running, i’m stretching and strength training.. …    and I’m loving the gym membership. 

All those that have reached out to me about similar goals – I hope you all are doing well and making progress!!

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