NYR Update # 4 – Moving Forward.

I’m doing it, moving forward.

I’m now driven, focused.  I don’t know what happened before … Its almost as if I thought something would happen if I just thought about it.

Well, mama has woken up – I get it. Things aren’t going to change unless I make them happen.  So.. focus has been good. I went to a WW (Weight Watchers) meeting and I lost 1/2 lb.   Thats a good thing, but I’m focused now on more serious loss.  1lb a week.

I am going to the gym, every other day for my “flex” days.  I’m running on my cardio days – I just love being outside.  I’m totally focused and committed.

My mom has inspired me – she has lost 12 pounds just by eating less. She wants to incorporate working out in the spring, when it gets warmer where she lives.  I live in a state that has mild weather… and I’ve only lost .5 lbs.. this year.  Rediculai.

So here it is, all the excuses stop here.  I’m down 1/2 lb…. and many more are to come.  Running, stretching, and less drinking are my combo. So far so well….

Mom, you are a STUDETTE, and I love that you take life by the balls and make “it” happen (Mom doesn’t read the blog so I can say this)…


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