Who WOULDN’T Hold Onto This?

Ok friends… do  not judge.

BUT, today I spent the day unpacking, and look at the fancy little number I came across… yes, you see correctly, a set of pewter champagne glasses … holding hands (see how the holding of hands creates a heart…. awwwhhhh so cute!).  I know at the time I thought this was very special, because they are NOT and have NOT been prominately displayed in any home I’ve lived in – they are still wrapped up tight in their original box.

A little piece of history about me, I used to save everything… everything.  I would save anything I valued, cherished it really.. take care of it like a newborn chick… tuck it away, safely, in the back of a drawer, deep dark corner of the closet.. look at it, touch it.. but never using it. Knowing it was there, safe and sound, made me happy.    My mom will tell you, it used to frustrate her to no end.  She would purchase common things for me (underwear, shoes, etc..) and I’d continue to wear the old ratty ones, while coveting the new ones, in their original package, until they no longer fit.   I’ve worked very hard at breaking this habit.  Now, if I don’t need something, I toss it out. No more storage, no more “holding on” to things that are not useful (it’s a wonder I’m still single… ). 

Obviously I still have a bit more “letting go” to do.  Because as I am unpacking some final boxes (mostly wedding and holiday stuff),  I came across my “together forever” champagne glasses.  Funny thing, I can tell you when I bought them, who I was with, what I was doing…..  the feeling of being at the Shakespeare Festival, in Novato,  eating corn on the cob, hanging out with my girlfriend Gina (no boyfriend as of yet)…..  the feeling of being there came rushing back.  It had to have been 1995…  maybe 1996. 

I did a bit of research, this set is now worth $100.  I know I didn’t pay anywhere near that because a) I didn’t have the money at the time, and b) the first time I spent $100 on one item was a pair of shoes….  (black high-heeled loafers from Macy’s)…

So, I will sell this one of a kind set  (looks like its a thriving business for the artists/pewtersmiths – http://www.fellowshipfoundry.com/perl-bin/catalog.cgi?ITEM=K010, but my combo is unique) but the memory will always be with me…

On Vacation.

I’m a bit slow to update my blog in general, but I’m even more slow now because I’m on vacation!  I’m in St. George Utah, a gorgeous, hidden gem of a place.  It’s still in Utah, so it is hard to get a cocktail around here, but its just so incredible here nature wise.  Take a look at the red rock views below…  and the weather is great – hot and dry. 

I’m working on my bikini-clad beach body tan, and 4 days into it, I still DO NOT have tan lines.  I’ve been careful not to burn myself by using SPF 8, but lordy, I would think my skin would be a bit more bronze given the amount of time of been out in the sun (about 8-10 hours).  Tomorrow, Friday is my last day to get some sun, so I may go without any sunscreen ….  we shall see.  Wish me luck – I’d like to go home witih dark skin and some deep tan lines.

Lastly, this place brings back a lot of memories, good and not so good.  I will share a few of these stories with you at a later date – when I have time and am ready to reminisce about a few of the hardest years of my life.