Modern Day Wardrobe Malfunction.


So I have been traveling this week for work.  I love to travel. I love meeting and working  with Customers – I love to hear their stories, understand their goals and aspirations, and relate to them in a personal and professional way.  When I am able to make a difference in their work life, it makes me feel really good. I gain great pleasure seeing them “get it” – when they learn that there is a different, better way.  Makes my day.

This article is not about my work travel and adventures, my passion for travel, or how much I love my customers.  It is about picking the wrong clothes and packing too lightly- aka a modern day wardrobe malfunction.

Having been through hundreds of airports, on thousands of flights in the last 20 years,  I like to be comfortable when I travel (who doesn’t?).   I used to travel in my business wear – skirt, high heel, silk blouse….  no longer.  I like to look fashionable but be comfortable.  So upscale “active wear” (if you haven’t seen the Active Wear video, stop everything and watch it. Bookmark it and give yourself a good laugh on tough days).

Anywhoo, being on the curvy side, I love the Curvy Fit at Ann Taylor and The Loft.  Honestly, if you are a woman with substance, check the curvy fit out …  pants that actually fit without having to nip, tuck, hem… no tailoring!  They actually carry the Curvy fit in Petite.  I discovered this about 4 years ago and have not purchased another pair of pants since.  They fit my body and my short stature.

Well, I was with a friend a few weeks ago and we stopped into an Ann Taylor.  I find these lounge pants that have elastic at the waist and the leg bottoms.   The material is so soft… and they are more form fitting (not sloppy).. fashionable right?!?!  They definitely fit The Do of Jogger pants fashion.  I fall in love. I buy them (I never pay retail for anything!).  My vision is that these are my stylish travel pants.. with a pair of comfy sneakers or short heel, a nice t-shirt/top, a casual jacket.  I will own it – My vision is stylish AND comfy.  I. Am. The. Boss.

Nope. Vision vs. Reality.  The pants, well they stretch out.. a lot.  I purchased a Small. Based on the amount of stretch after one flight alone, I should have purchased a Petite XS.  Wow, these things went from stylish and sexy, to sloppy and frumpy in 2 hours… This probably wouldn’t be that big a deal, except that I chose to ONLY bring these pants on my trip (along with a dress and a skirt)…   I look like I’m wearing my pajamas when I wear these pants.  I tried to find a picture of a fashion fail like the one I have made, but alas, there are none. Apparently no one else makes these kinds of faux-pas.  But I did find a very long article on the right vs. wrong way for men to wear suspenders. Fascinating article. 😉

Needless to say, I recommend that you do not pack a brand new pair of pants as the ONLY pair of pants when traveling. Your welcome.

What are your favorite places to purchase clothing?  @Greygoose – You are tall (I am short).. I always think about what it’s like for you to purchase clothing..  I’d love to hear your story!






3 thoughts on “Modern Day Wardrobe Malfunction.

  1. Grey Goose, Dirty August 31, 2018 / 7:07 am

    Gah, can’t believe I never responded. Damn senility. Completely basic, but I love Old Navy for jeans and cute ‘pixie’ pant. I have a big butt, big hops and small waist on top of being tall, and like you, when I find something that works, I buy in multiples. Old navy has a ‘tall’ option and while sometimes ridiculously long and I need to cuff them (which I love anyway), they’ve never let me down.


    • Grey Goose, Dirty August 31, 2018 / 7:09 am

      Oh, and I love Anne Taylor Loft too, as I’m currently dating a hippie who would love for me to wear su dresses and birkenstocks *gag* every day, I find no need to spend money on anything ‘nice’….


  2. Herald Spain August 19, 2018 / 3:48 pm

    Being a woman is so woman is a hard gig, no doubt. The make up, the hair, the constant insane size thing. What is a size 6? Or a 14? Men have waist, length and neck size and that’s about it. I am mistifued at the xxxl size like but that may be too many cheese burgers.

    About your fashion “mistake”. It happens to every one, including men. Maybe the new shoe rule is the way to go. Take a new outfit for a test walk no mater how great it looked in the dressing room. Alternatively always have a pair of black slacks that you know look ok at the bottom of your travel bag. A life vest is only needed once the water starts rising.

    Be well H.S.


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