Life Has Changed, Adaptation is Slow Going.

cartoon-sun-cloud-rain-rainbow-set-children-funny-il-illustration-vector-39964878I never had game.  But I’m cool with that. Which makes me somewhat nerdy/dorky cool.  I did have some game before.. and I still have game.  But the game I got now is very different from what I had just a mere 4 weeks ago.  Major changes listed below.

  • Not a Morning Person. I have never been a morning person., but I am getting up WAY early (no thanks to my ShockClock)…  If I leave my home by 6:30am, I get to work at 7am.  After that, it takes a while.  If I take public transport, it’s a 1.5 hour trip.  Needless to say, I’m driving to work, early. And I don’t like mornings.
  • No Drinking During the Week.  I know. What the hell has happened to me?!   I want to do a good job, I want to start the day with clarity and direction…    I’ve just naturally stopped drinking during the week. It has not been easy. But I do cut loose on Friday… a lot lose these last 2 weeks.
  • Weekends are for Errands.  Running errands while the masses are running their errands. Boo.  I really liked getting stuff done during off-peak hours…  It suits my browsing style.

It has only been 1 month.  And I was in a car accident.  In general, I am not a fan of the schedule. But I LOVE the people I work with and I am thrilled with the opportunity.  I love what I do, who I do it with, and what lies ahead.  It’s like looking at a Christmas present the night before Christmas….   so much anticipation, so much opportunity, so much excitement!

I do love it.  But I have to tell you, being semi-retired, focused on what I wanted. Was so refreshing.  My heart-felt lighter, clearer, more simple. I liked it.  I loved it.  I want this same feeling while I’m working. I do love my work – why can’t I seem to love what I do AND feel good while doing it??

Learning and growing, growing and learning. Would love to hear how you have dealt with major life changes..


2 thoughts on “Life Has Changed, Adaptation is Slow Going.

  1. Herald Spain July 6, 2016 / 6:26 am

    Hello Paula, it has been a while but it sounds like you have been busy. It looks like you are making a change towards a new and likely better life.

    No one likes getting up early, I am an early riser only through 20 years of having to be up before the sun. Now I can’t sleep in while on vacation😝 .

    The new job sounds wonderful, you seem smitten with it and that is something to be very happy about. Few people have a crush on their job!

    The rest of the peaces will fall into place over time, just let gravity and the laws of of thermo dynamics do what they are supposed to and have faith.

    Be well H.S.


  2. tarnishedsoul July 5, 2016 / 3:44 pm

    In the past, I dealt with life changes really well. In fact, when it only impacts me, I do great. My problem is I take on everyone else’s stress along with my own.
    The textbook answer, of course, is to make sure you take care of your needs.
    Defining those, of course, is an entirely different story.


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