On The Right Track.

The week was rough last week. The weekend was tough, in the sense that my natural instinct is to hide away, to become reclusive, and ponder life and figure it out before I show my face again.  BUT, I was lucky this weekend – I had scheduled a girls weekend in San Francisco that I could not bail on.  So I did it.  I did it – I got myself together and did it.

I realize that for many this is not a feat to overcome.  But I went against my nature, did what was right, and I had a blast.  I had a few girlfriends in town from LA, we enjoyed ourselves immensely, and for some reason, the loss I’ve been experiencing didn’t’ seem so bad.  It was very therapeutic for me – and I bonded with a few women that I so admire.  I’d call that a win-win!

I’ll create a post on my weekend activities as they were fabulous.  But this post is about doing what was right for me – getting out of my comfort zone, doing something different, and succeeding at it.  Anything counts right now.

Right now I’m making Paleo banana pancakes for the week and I’m struggling.  Why do the first 2 work out perfectly and the rest of ’em just burn?  HELP!!

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