Very Close to Done.

keep-calm-and-carry-onI’ve had on my to-do list to clean and organize my new cottage.  Yes, the cottage I moved into over a year ago.  I’m not super happy with the place, but when you go into financial trouble, you do what you have to make things work.  Well… I did. My sister sure wouldn’t…

Anyway, its been over a year since I moved into the cottage.  13 months to be exact.  And I have another year to go. So it is ridiculous to me that I just don’t settle in and make it “my space”.   So now my New Year’s Resolution is to go balls-out with it – I got rid of bags and bags of stuff.. got rid of a few pieces of furniture, and am now framing some special pictures..

Close to done means that I’m close to having the space I want – a peaceful space without clutter and work.  I want a place to relax in, like my own spa, for myself, all the time.  :-).  I’m about 2 weeks away from this.. I’m excited.  I’m looking forward  to spending my time learning to sew again, or walk more, NOT decluttering and cleaning up.

As I type this I realize that “Close to Done” means a lot of things..  Decluttering my life is really what it is about. And I’m working on it… and so much closer to the end now.  2015 is the year of “The Paula”.. to have this kind of year, I have to in a comfortable and happy state. It’s February now and I’ve come so far…  I cant wait for March, April, or May .. Oh My!!



One thought on “Very Close to Done.

  1. Herald Spain February 9, 2015 / 6:33 pm

    Well Paula you do seem to have a bee in your bonnet. Have a place to relax is probably the best thing one can have to lower stress. It may even aide with the diet goal, you may be surprised.

    The image you chose at the top of your entry has a special meaning to me. That stiff upper lip English thing has always been close to my family. Both my parents lived though war and hid in bomb shelters as children.

    It seems so long ago now, and it is to many. You creating a safe and calm place is like a bomb shelter with nicer pictures I guess. When work or life is dropping on your head having that place to retreat to and find peace will be blissful.

    I wish you luck on your endeavor.

    Be well H.S.



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