Taurus’ Make Fantastic Lovers and Other Topics.

2014-07-Cottage BackyardThe tweet I received from @TaurusIsMagic today on my tweet account.  I know, what the hell is Tweeting and why am I trying it out?  Because I love experimenting with “new” technology, and I want to learn how to say important things in 150 words or less.

So, here is the tweet, I’m using embedded code magic to have it appear on this blog –


Did it work?  It did if you see a block message with the tweet in it AND not a bunch of crazy code.

And the picture?  It is the picture of the special outdoor space I have in the little cottage I rent.  With the BBQ donation from C-Licious, I am on my way to having a backyard BBQ.  I’m super excited.  Also, my “salsa garden” is doing well. My tomatoes, Serrano peppers, and cilantro (2nd plant) are all growing well and enjoying their spots in the garden.  The garden is back in the corner, between the BBQ and the couch.  And yes, those are yard flamingos. I have two – Fred and Ethel.  They are like pets that don’t require any attention, unlike the two furry friends I have now… And they are pink which makes me smile every time I see them.

That’s it for now.

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