And Then There Were 3.

3 of what you might be asking… People, fans, followers, kindred spirits…drinks, men, tables to dance on?   No sillies, I now cherish a 3rd cat….  I know, not a super big surprise for those that know me.  Here is how it all happened…

I now live in a cottage, the renovated garage of a single woman in downtown San Mateo. She is a lovely woman, active, vibrant, with two lovely daughters.  She adopted an 18 year old black cat named Sebastian from a shelter. He was turned into the Shelter because his owner died. He was 13 human years, 91 in cat years (13×7=91).  He was so old that no one adopted him so he became the shelter cat, the cat that ran the office with the office crew.  He was there for 5 years!   Until one day he met my Landlady’s daughter… and she drove him to her mothers… and now Sebastian is The Landlady’s cat.

We all moved in about the same time (Me, Sophie, Zoey, and Sebastian) so we all learned how to accommodate one another.  My ladies, Sophie and Zoey, are fine with him around.  Maybe they don’t like it, its not ideal for them, but they tolerate it.  No more growling, attacking.  When I come home, they all hear me and all come in for a feeding….Sophie and Zoey first with Sebastian in tow.  Sophie now gets up in the morning, heads over to The Landlady’s house, and eats with Sebastian.  There are some perks for him being around – she gets an extra meal.

Having Sebastian around makes me smile. The way he “chirps” instead of meows. His skinny little body, his black little face, the way he lets me know he wants to go home (he chirps at my door and when I open it, he races towards home.. thats the signal that he doesn’t want to go through his cat door to get home, he wants me to open the door for him).

I’ve never wanted another cat. Honestly, I wouldn’t have the two ladies I have if it weren’t for Ab Fab and the EX (I didn’t want another cat, I wanted a dog, Ab Fab found the cats, the EX didn’t want a dog).  But I do have two cats now, and the lovely ladies have ruled the homestead for 7 years.  Now, we have an honorary family member – a black cat named Sebastian. I couldn’t be more pleased with the addition..   I’ll take a picture one of these days and add it to this post.  He is such a sweetheart…

If you ever have a chance to get a furry friend, I highly recommend a pet from the shelter. You are supporting a great cause, saving a life, and gaining a new best friend.

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