Behaving Badly Down Under.

New Besties from Western Australia
New Besties from Western Australia

So, WTF?  I am shaking it up down here in Australia….

First, I met a couple that I LOVE, that I am definitely going to keep in contact with.  I sat with them for breakfast and dinners for 3 days – they are an amazing fun couple.  We stayed in the Executive Lounge all night 2 nights in a row just talking and drinking…  It was so much fun I forgot to eat dinner 2 days in a row!  Margaret wants to take Errol to Italy, so we have made plans to vacation in Italy in September 2015.  I’ve signed myself up to plan this 2015 Italy vacation, and everyone is welcome.  We will be spending a week at a castle in the Umbria region, then another week on the Amalfi Coast… give or take a few weeks/months/years depending on my work, boyfriend, or marriage situation.  😉  The picture I’ve attached is of my new besties!

Second, I went out with the local sales guy yesterday, On Tuesday…. too yummy.  It took everything I had in me to behave appropriately.  He is handsome, down to earth, very attractive, fun, …. but he has his own set of distractions – he does have a girlfriend, and ex-wife, and a child..  I went home alone, but don’t think his luscious gorgeous face and thick accent was easy to leave behind.  Good thing for him that has a Niami Watts girlfriend type around to keep him happy.  Now I just have to find my Liev…

Went to a client site on Wednesday then spent most of the evening catching up on other work.  Another Hotel guest asked me to join him for dinner and I did. It was fun to not eat alone. He is from Connecticut, recently retired, and on his way to spend 2 months in New Zealand… I look forward to hearing about his adventure when he returns.

So that’s it. Nothing really “Bad” per say, but certainly not my regular routine.  Feels good to shake it up a bit.  And I love Sydney and the Australians in general. What a super nice bunch of folks.  Must be something in the water…

One last question – the girl I sat next to on the airplane.  I want to be  her friend.  She hasn’t reached out to me but I found her on Facebook. Is it too “stalkerish” to friend her?  If I do that she will know I had to find her – as she only gave me her name, no contact info.  Please advise.

2 thoughts on “Behaving Badly Down Under.

  1. Separated Dad February 26, 2014 / 4:09 pm

    Re Facebook stalking your seatmate: It’s your decision. If it were a man, it would send a very different message. As she’s not an intended partner, she will probably be OK with it. If not, you’ll know soon enough.

    How did you find the work environment? Were your clients OK with some foreigner coming in? When I was younger and worked in Australia, sometimes I found that people coming in from overseas were welcomed, sometimes not. I assume you’re smooth enough that you got along very well.


  2. Herald Spain February 21, 2014 / 5:14 pm

    So Pual, all it takes is a trip to the far side of the world for you to let your hair down. Not buying that self improvement book left you much time to meet new friends, make future plans and have flirtations with hunky sales guys. Much better than stuck in your hotel with a book and glass of red wine?

    On the scale of “behaving badly” I would rate it maybe a C-. On the scale of reinvention and shaking off your old skin for what’s is beneath, a solid “A”!

    As for the possible friend form the airplane, I would say give it some time. Maybe a day or two before you head home send her a Facebook message. I think you may be over thinking the “stalker” label but being cautious is alway a good plan with people you just met.

    Enjoy your “work” trip be well H.S.


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