Job Change Is Definitely In Order.

So take a look at this folks…

I used to be a nanny.  I was a nanny for 5 years. I was a nanny during my youthful years, working hard to earn money for college.  Yes, I graduated college with a finance degree, been working in the software industry for 16+ years.  NEVER have I earned $180K + $3000 in living expenses. EVER. 

I’m seriously considering a job change.  I’ve got experience, I work hard, I am dedicated, I love children and they love me, I am easy on the eyes, I can drive, I will pick up any language you want me to, and honestly, I can dedicate all my time to the success of the family.  I’ve dedicated all my time to my job now… and it stresses me out.  I have ZERO downtime these days.  If I have to give up all my personal time, I would much rather be taking a kid to/from daycare, cooking dinner, working on homework, etc..    What I don’t do? Clean windows or toilets.. but I’m assuming they will have a house cleaner for all that.

Anyone else up for a job change? We can create our own Nanny Network.. the bigger the network, the more our worth..  And if you know of anyone hiring let me know, I’ll give you a finder’s fee if it works out..   Oh, and I live in Northern CA.. willing to go international if need be…   🙂

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