Harold Wants A 25 Year Old.

So, I’m watching Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. I love this show.  I love watching rich men trying to find real love.  I get that men reach their 40’s and want to have a partner,  a family, a fun relationship (they’ve been too busy working or playing to focus on a relationship, and now they want one).  But they want all of this with a 25-year-old. 

I know.. … What did I just say? Yes, a “mature” man is seeking a solid, happy, relationship that includes kids with a 25-year-old.  Why?  Honestly, what do you talk about when you are 48 and they are 25?  Has anyone met/watched kids this age? Especially the pretty ones?  They are SO IMMATURE for the most part (AbFab is definitely excluded from this group). 

I went out a few times with a very good-looking 35-year-old man (years ago, right before meeting My Mr Big). Boy was he a looker…. but he was SO immature.  Even though we were only a few years apart (me being older), there was at least 10 years difference in maturity level.  I couldn’t handle it…. I had to send that fish back to sea. 

Oh, and while at the Atlanta Airport on Friday, I asked two young men if they wouldn’t mind plugging my battery charger into the wall they were sitting next to.  Of course they did it, were very nice about it, but you know what they called me? “Maam”.   Yep, these young 20-something men put me in the same category as their mother.

So back to Harold.  Patty tells Harold the 48-year-old millionaire, that a 25-year-old will only be interested in you for about 10 seconds AND DO NOT WANT a family and kids at this stage in their lives (clubbing is their #1 priority).  She thinks he should be fishing from the 33-38 year-old pool (still 10-15 years younger than him).   Harold fights back… they have a discussion, and he finally agrees that he is willing to meet an “older” woman…

I don’t know what ever happened with Harold and his new dating pool…  The show is about to end and there has been no update.  So, as nice and cute and rich as Harold is, his brain must not be functioning properly…   Obviously money can’t buy you a brain. 

I found a transcript of the Episode with Harold in it…   My favorite lines from Harold are:

  • “I guess the reason why I deal with all the hassle from Patti and Chelsea (the ladies from Millionaire Matchmaker) is that I’m really determined to find the last piece of the puzzle for me, which is falling in love and having a wife and kids. “
  • “I wanna, you know, get married and have kids.  And so, with younger women, it makes it a lot easier.”

 Like I said, money can’t buy intelligence…  and that is a must for me.  Sorry Harold, you are not going to make my Roster!!  😉

4 thoughts on “Harold Wants A 25 Year Old.

  1. Christopher Snell July 23, 2011 / 12:45 am

    Not all men think with that little head, yet I see that those that do have created a bad rep for the rest of us. It pains me when I get nailed to the cross because of the ignorant man. Understanding women and getting relationships right, has become a well worn path in my life. I’m sorry… you just hit a sensitive nerve for me.


  2. Paula's Ponderings July 18, 2011 / 8:40 pm

    Hi Chris.

    Thanks for responding!

    You provide a very good explanation as to the differences that men see in a younger vs. older woman. In my experience, a more mature, intelligent man knows that the attention from an older woman is so much more valuable than all of the younger womans attention. Most men do complain of women being needy/possessive etc… my guess is that these are younger women with nothing going BUT the relationship (no career, no friends, etc), thereby expecting the man/relationship to “make them happy”. These kinds of relationships always seem to end in disaster, especially if there are kids involved.

    Anyway, just offering up what I’ve seen/experienced wrt men and their desire for a younger woman.. men definitely think with their head.. and not the one with a brain in it!!



  3. Christopher Snell July 17, 2011 / 6:59 pm

    I see Harold is caught in a catch 22. If you put a blanket approach to all men, what we need from women is sex and attention. As we get older, women take their attention off of men and more on themselves. So men see that younger woman have ambition and attention to give. However, the younger woman won’t always be able to give the depth of connection that he may desire through a family. It’ a path of his own choosing, not where I would go.


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