Fun Travel Day.

I had a whirlwind work trip this week to Atlanta.   I just returned home ….glad to be home, in bed, snuggling with the little furry ladies.  Now that I’m relaxed, I was thinking about my travel day on Thursday and thought I would share my story.  Here is how the day went for me:

  • 04:30am PST – Up and at ’em…. and I’m SO NOT a morning person.
  • 06:00am PST – Get in my car and drive to the airport because the cab never showed up.. when I called them, the dispatcher said they were “all busy”
  • 07:00am PST – Flight departed SFO… headed to ATL, 4.5 hour flight. Slept a bit…. finished my book, worked a tiny bit.
  • 02:45pm EST – Arrived ATL
  • 03:00pm EST – Boarded a train (METRA) towards the hotel
  • 03:35pm EST – Departed the train….unbeknownst to me AT THE WRONG train stop.  
  • 04:00pm EST – arrived at the mall, that is attached to the hotel, A MILE from the train stop.  The entire time I was walking I was swearing up and down, saying my coworkers name in vain (of course it was his fault!)..
  • 04:30pm EST – arrive at the hotel, sweaty and disgusting as it was a “cool” 92 degrees in Hotlanta.  I hop into the shower to clean up and cool down, proceed to work for the next hour and a half.
  • 06:00pm EST – go to the hotel bar and cool down even further with a cold alcoholic beverage – vodka, soda, and ice cubes..  yum!
  • 07:00pm EST – head to drinks and dinner with my coworker.. laughed about my travel day…
  • 11:00pm EST – back at hotel…

9 hours of getting ready to travel, waiting to travel, traveling.  12 hours with the 3 hour time difference.  Throughout the travel experience, I had nothing to eat…  so I was starving by the time dinner time came around.  Had 3 tacos, a margarita at a local taco establishment….. and 2 more vodkas at the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta… OMG, this place is amazing!  I’m definitely going back to that hotel bar…

A couple of great observations about my day is:

  1. I got paid to travel…  I know, it’s not glamorous travel, but it was still interesting to me. I love to interact with people, watch people, watch people’s interactions with others…  I love to watch the people in this world move about…
  2. All food and drink, while out-of-town, is on someone else’s dime.  Nothing like a free beverage that puts a smile on my face.
  3. I think it’s so interesting how sure I was that I knew exactly where I was going. It didn’t occur to me that I didn’t know…  Looking back on it, of course I didn’t know…   but made me realize that the more I think I know something, the more I really don’t know anything.

And last, and probably the most important… I did ALL of this in my fabulous Olivia Rose Leopard Print Pumps..  Oh baby, do I travel in style or what?!?!?

One thought on “Fun Travel Day.

  1. Harold June 4, 2011 / 1:34 pm

    Well Paula,

    you are not traveling in steerage, thats for sure. I recall when my brother in law said the move Up in the air, reminded him of how great it was to travel and end up in a new city every other day. I thought did he and I see the same movie. I took for the movie was that the guy (G.C.) so wanted a normal life that he staked his exsistance on a woman he met on one of these trips who she learned was married.

    Your trip, the food, drink and adventure sound fun at times, interesting the rest. Not a bad way to make a living and someone else cleaning your room is always great. You said it in the opening of your entry. You were most glad about getteing home.

    Thats what I take from your message.

    Be well H.S.


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