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My mom still doesn’t know whats wrong with her.. Except that she is exhausted all the time, the sharp pain in her arm, shoulder, then head is very painful, and she is learning to like pain meds (I told her it would happen!!)… 

Doctor was out of the office, only works part time. And apparently Friday is a day off for him. Great.  A doctor on semi-retirment. I support it UNTIL it effects me.  My mom suggested it might be time for a new doctor…  yeahhh, I think so!!.  One that works full time and realizes that people are actually anxious about test results… and waiting for 3 DAYS (thru a long weekend) to find out the results is UNEXCEPTABLE.  Gees.  My mom said its a “bit frustrating”….   You think so? I’m pissed!!! My mom is so patient…

So, Monday is the earliest we will find out what is “wrong”.  What I do know is that my mom is tired… she doesn’t know whats wrong, Is ready to chalk it up to a pinched nerve…..   I want to know and I want to know right now. Knowing whats wrong means that we can fix it.. make my mom all better.  Get her back to “good as new”….  

I’m just frustrated with the lack of information and the lack of urgency on the doctor (and their offices) part …   Seems so callous, so uncaring, so removed…  bugs me.

One thought on “No Results Yet.

  1. Harold Spain May 23, 2011 / 12:47 pm

    It’s called the practice of medicine until they get it right. It is said that the health care industry is broken. More like lullued into lethergy. Not terrible if your a baker or house painter, just wafule when waiting for some answers.

    Your moms laid back attiture is the best thing she can do. Gettiing P.O. might feel good in the short term but will only get the same results.

    Don’t get me wrong, your Dr. not calling you is 100 x worse than any date calling you.

    Last time I was in the hospital I waited 8 hrs in bed while my caring Dr. had to sign my discrarge papers. Just sign them, not visit just sign. Not mention I was pumped full of meds that were like a combo of speed and magic mushrooms (I am only guessing what that would be like) but mine meds sucked.

    Finally before I just got up and walked out of the hospital Dr. A showed up with a smile and his reserved bedside manner.

    Sorry he says. I was just in the E.R: all morning diagnosing a youg woman (26) with the same thing as you have. She was so very upset and he had to take a long time explaining what this ment to her husband, mother, father and other famaly members. Unexspected medical news is best delivered in a measured way I must say.

    Once the results are in they will be forwarded to you mom and you.

    Hope you are ok and your mom is gets answeres very soon.



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