Legalize Prostitution.

So, I’m up in the air, writing this post from 30,000 miles off the ground.  I’m flying Virgin America, I dare say,  the best darn airline in the whole world.  I have internet access, food at my fingertips, service with a smile…  If I have to waste time flying, this is certainly the way to do it.

I just finished watching a movie that a friend lent to me – Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer.  A great movie.  I’m outraged by his downfall.  All the man did was have consensual sex with another adult.  Other than him not being honest with his wife, I don’t get why this is a big deal.  He knows he did something “illegal”..  by why is it illegal?  And for me, how much time and money did the government waste building a case on him (he was hunted down by whom he made political enemies with)?   I live in the US, and I jsut cannot believe that our government, the  FBI, has millions of dollars to spare to  investigate a prostitution ring for a john of a high-priced escort.   Really?  They have nothing else to do?  Really?  I would beg to differ – they have plenty to do – like improve our school systems for one.  Update their systems to greatly reduce fraud and waste… on and on…

And what is wrong with two consenting adults arranging a mutually beneficial relationship, however short it is?  Nothing in my opinion, I think prostitution should be legal.  Now don’t get your feathers in a ruffle, I’m not suggesting that all sexual acts should be made legal – certainly human trafficking (people forced to have sex to “earn” freedom), and sex with children absolutely should be illegal.  Whats the difference?  Because the latter  hurts people, makes it a win-lose arrangement, and one person becomes a victim.  BUT, if two (or more) adult people come to a fair and equitable exchange, why not?  What’s wrong with it?  Don’t most people have this sort of arrangement anyway?  A woman receives the diamond necklace or prada purse she has been eying feels compelled to give her husband/boyfriend a blow job to thank him?  Money didn’t physically exchange hands, but its essentially the same thing – sex for something.  And I would go so far as to suggest that anyone reading this post has done something in exchange for sex (giving or receiving)…   And to go way out there, I would even dare say that marriage is a legally and socially acceptable form of prostitution… 

Yes, I liked the movie, it lit a fire in me that I felt compelled to share with my readers.  Feel free to respond, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

2 thoughts on “Legalize Prostitution.

  1. May 11, 2011 / 1:56 am

    Thanks to the Glen Beck wannabees this stuff is occasionally taken at face value.


  2. Harold Spain April 18, 2011 / 4:16 pm

    Oh Aphrodite, Zeus woold ofter caution the other gods from changing the couse of humans’ lives from up on high.

    In the abtract your idea is tantalizing. Sure we all do things for more than one reason. In the sexual areana that is more true the older we get.

    Oh for the fields of youth when we would rip our clouthes off, or put them on, and dive into the blissful state of sexual desire.

    The drags of life, work, and worry seem to put a damper on that as we get older. Hopefully we still seak out and occasional find the pleasure of intimacy with another but it often becomes more of a labor more than a love.

    It is on the mind of us all I think. Are they with me because they wish to be or for some other reson. A blow job for a necklace is rather blunt I will say. One would hope that if a person chooses to have oral sex with another it is not solely because of an alternative reason.

    For me nothing could be more of a buz kill than thinking some one is providing me with pleasure for some reason that is totally unrealted to any kind of intamacy. I still cling to the dream that the other person wants to because they enjoy the act even if vicariously.

    As for E. Spitzer, he was distroyed by not only his political rivals but also himself. He could sit in judgement but not allow himself to be judge. Were his “crimes” so terrible? No not really just arrigent.

    Don’t get me wrong, prosstitution in is current form is horrible. A child (17) in America who will let a stranger sodomise them at a truck stop because what is at home is far worse, is about the worst thing I can imagine. When I heard that story from the now young woman’s mouth, I had to vomit.

    I hope you ask something more simple. Can we be honest with people when it comes to sex? Can all the stupid rules that a moral sociaty places on us be left aside when we choose to be intimate with someone? Can we agree that when we are alone with some one we are alone and what we choose to do is just for us and not to be juged by those on the outside.

    We are complex machines and are bent this way and that by many forces. I have not even come close to the answer to that question because maters of the body eventually cross with those of the heart.

    If you discover the answer from up on high of down on the ground don’t forget to tell the rest of us mortals.



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