A New Beginning.

I have some great news to share with you.  I am almost the proud owner of a newly rennovated old (1905 to be exact) home.  Honestly, after my divorce I did not think I would be able to afford a home in the Bay Area in the neighborhoods that I wanted to live in.

With the housing crash and a bit of good luck, its going to happen for me.  I’ve known for about 4 weeks now, but I’ve not wanted to jinx myself – so I’ve not shared the news with many folks.

I currently live in a transitional neighborhood – not many folks are like me, in both ethnicity or family size.  I live in a largely spanish and very family oriented neighborhood.  I see a lot of families out, talking walks with their kids, their pets, heading/returning to/from work..  Its a great blue collar neighborhood.   I’m not like them, but the neighborhood is safe, close to the freeways, close to all my friends, and the cats love it. 

Here is how it happened:  A few months back I asked my landlord if I could purchase the house I live in – its a beautiful, rennovated craftsman style home.  It has a lot of its original character… I just love it.  But alas, the owner said no. Given the market conditions, I started looking around… homes were starting to come around in my price range but not in the neighborhoods I wanted to live….

BUT, then the luck happened to me.  My landlord has another house TWO doors down that he is interested in selling.  It’s in terrible condition… but has good bones.  We walked thru it with him, and I could see it – I could see the perfect house… the perfect house for me.  I was sold.  We negotiated a price (which includes rennovations), and woaalaa, the process has started.

So today, it became very real.  I went to Home Depot with the project manager/contractor and designed and PURCHASED my Kitchen.  My new Kitchen will arrive in approximately 4 weeks and will be installed shortly thereafter.   Spending a lot of money sure makes it all become reality.

There is so much I’m getting with this, which is why it feels so surreal….   The plan is for me to move into the new home sometime in October.  That a little less than 2 months away!!  Here are the items that I get really excited about:

  • Working with the team to design the house…  moving walls, designing kitchens and bathrooms, picking materials, its so much fun.  The house is going to be me…..
  • The house has soooo much character.  I do love the older homes and the quality/character that was put into them.  This home was built in 1905… the main rooms have coved ceilings, and the entire house has 9 foot ceilings..
  • A patio/deck off of the kitchen.   I’ve wanted this since 201 Chester (10 years ago).   I have designed the new kitchen with a six foot slider that leads onto a large deck… just dreamy!
  • Three bedrooms AND two bathrooms, one of them a master bathroom.  My own bathroom… sooooo nice!
  • A laundry room with a counter and shelves… places to store laundry room stuff and a counter to fold my dried goods….. so luxurious!

So, when I get a chance I will post pictures. The house looks like nothing now, a shell of its to-be fabulous self.   I will post the pictures as I take them and we can watch the transformation together.

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