Mid-Week Status.

So, I’ve been busy lately. Yes,  I WAS feeling sorry for myself, but as I mentioned in my last blog,  I’m over that. The pity party is ooovvvvveerrr.

I have dedicated myself to my fitness goals – I am a full week into working out every day. 7 days of doing something.  I signed up for a personal trainer and am doing resistance training to “lose the jiggle”.  My birthday is in 5 weeks – I’m shooting for a 10lb loss.  Its possible if I exercise every day, cut back on what I eat, and if need be, temporarily stop drinking.

A friend of mine referred me to the GM diet – thats right, the General Motors Weight Loss Diet.  A couple friend of mine said they do it every year, and use it to cleanse and get them back on track (meaning lose the winter lbs and get ready to expose their gorgeous, lean bodies during the warm summer months in Northern California). They are both lean and mean… look awesome in bathing suits (I saw pictures from their latest body revealing vaca – awesome!).

So, at some point in April, I’m going to do the GM diet.  I think its completely doable, and if it will help me shed the unwanted/unneeded lbs, well then that is part of the answer. I’m doing everything else as I should be…. why not add a bit of extremism to the mix?

If anyone has other suggestions please let me know.  My birthday is in early May so I have 5 weeks from this blog entry to “make it happen”.  I’m looking forward to the challenge, I will let you all know how it goes!!

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